Monday, March 26, 2012

the CIA in Kyoto and why I started this blog...a reminder

This is primarily a message to the American Citizens Service Chief at the American Consulate in Osaka, Ms. Kennedy, and Mr. Callahan of the Criminal Investigations Division/Special Litigation Department of the United States Department of Justice. 

This blog was started in order to document a process of complaint relating to the abuse of my civil rights and other crimes committed by members of the CIA over the course of approximately 7 years. 

Aside from being subject to conspiratorial transgressions of my rights protected by law, the individual officers named in the complaints (at least 10 CIA officers are named) have sought to use individuals that they collaborate with from the intelligence agencies of other countries as a way to circumvent the laws of the United States that prohibit them from harassing American citizens living abroad, as well as local agents that they recruit here in Kyoto. In some instances, they have recruited Japanese people from among my acquaintances to then try and use against me.

Some of the officers have held positions in esteemed institutions of higher education, where they were working to recruit students and others. Others, it would appear, work as journalists for major English language publications.

Unless this matter is resolved in a timely manner, I will soon start revealing the names of the officers in question as well as the content of the complaints submitted in the form of emails to the consulate and letters to the Department of Justice.

There must be statutes governing the time frame for the outcome of such investigations, and that time would almost certainly have already been exceeded, according to the initial information I was provided by Ms. McDowney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

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