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The Irish connection - CIA, G2, MI6 - Material Evidence emails

The following July 2010 email to the US Consulate addresses an email exchange with Mr. Jamie Roughan, shown below, which represent material evidence that I was being spied on by CIA officers. This is only one such exchange of emails between myself and CIA officers that were spying on me or harassing me by trying to waste my time and generally interfere with my ability to lead a productive life.

Moreover, in light of the fact that I had already reported the problems I was having with Mr. Roughan to the US Consulate—as shown in the mail I’ve uploaded in an earlier post—I also consider it to be proof that the Citizen’s Services Officer, Gary Schaefer, was in fact a CIA officer involved in coordinating the people in the field mentioned in the emails.

Since I have become a target, there is a security detail protecting my family. That detail includes CIA officers, and it is apparent that someone in Mr. Roughans network had provided him feedback that my wife to be had been visiting a maternity clinic, and he was trying to determine whether I was going to get married and have a family, which would be a decisive blow to the machinations of his network of sociopaths preying on civil society here in the field of Kyoto, Japan.

He tried to get information out of me by informing that his wife was pregnant, etc., contacting me out of the blue and a short time before his daughter was to be born. The time frames of his statements dont jibe with each other, and he apparently was coached to resend the notice in the form of a mass mailing, which was redundant, of course, and didn’t account for the aberrant time frames. Furthermore, he never got back to me after his wife gave birth, even though I emailed him in that regard.

I recently asked him to send some photos of the family and his daughter; he did send a photo, so it appears that he wasn’t lying about his family situation, at any rate.

The CIA (G2, MI6, etc.) have basically been collaborating with the yakuza since the end of WWII. Robert Whiting’s book “Tokyo Underworld…” is a good source of information on that topic. Their apparent objectives here in Kyoto are diametrically opposed to the goals of preserving culture and promoting civil society in a milieu with a rich cultural heritage and a large number of academic and religious institutions. They are intent on dumbing down the city, relegating the historical and cultural significance to a museum, and promoting tourism and consumerism to further the agenda of the corporatist pyramid scheme.

It seems that the Starbucks is intimately connected to the CIA's game plan, and that the numerous pubs are subsidized by the government of the UK. Venues like cafes and pubs provide a social interface for otherwise isolated Westerners, and a place for intelligence officers to meet people that they might potentially recruit as agents to their network.

The "intelligence community" seems to be involved in promoting the appearance of ethnic enclaves in a divide-and-conquer, colonize and balkanize strategy against the cultural capital of a highly homogeneous country. The Irish seem to be one such enclave, and the connection is something that needs to be looked into a little more thoroughly, in part due to the inordinate number of pubs, and also to several people from Ireland I have encountered, including a yoga instructor visiting from the USA introduced by Mr. Roughan, and a vacationing couple working in the finance sector in tax-haven Ireland, most of whom have evinced a degree of questionable attitude regarding the merit of my staying in Kyoto, for some reason. 

I had originally associated Mr. Roughan with the Freemasons, of which there seems to be a network here within connections to the CIA/MI6, but that is now uncertain and almost besides the point.

Aside from the fact that Mr. Roughan is an Irish American, when he visited Kyoto a number of years ago, he made a point of having me go to one of the Irish pubs in Kyoto to meet him. It struck me as strange at the time that he would even know of such a place, and moreover that he would want to go to such a place while visiting Kyoto for only a very short time, instead of asking me for a recommendation, for example. 

If you Google Eric Bray, you can see that he has posted some videos of himself playing at an open mike night at one of the Irish pubs--the Gael. 

There was also an Irishman (named Dougal, if I recall correctly) I met who was studying the philosophy of Nishida Kitaro at Kyoto University. He was at the Starbucks and asked me a question about a somewhat difficult term in Japanese, which I answered for him, and then we talked about philosophy for about ten minutes. We exchanged contact information, but I didn't meet that individual again, as he stopped going to the cafe. Apparently he was smart enough to understand from our brief conversation not to waste his time trying to deceive me or cause me trouble. He also represents an exception among the individuals mentioned here insofar as studying the philosophy of Nishida in Kyoto has a relevant socio-historical dimension. On the other hand, I don't know for certain whether or not he was an intelligence officer, or what his scope of activity encompassed at the University.

Dear Mr. Gary Schaefer,

I’ve decided to send you copies of emails from Jamie Roughan that would seem to indicate that he had access to information that my then girlfriend and wife-to-be visited a maternity clinic on January 23rd. The first email he sent reporting that his wife was pregnant is on February 6, stating that in a few months they were expecting a girl. Six weeks later another email stating that she was in the hospital about to deliver.

Mr. Roughan, who was an acquaintance from Berkeley showed up out of nowhere at a bus stop here in Kyoto one day, similar to how another acquaintance, Sasha Peterka materialized. The both tried to entice me to leaving Kyoto to go to work in the finance industry. Sasha tried to introduce me to people working at Goldman Sachs, and Jamie sent me a small freelance translation job from Mizuho Finance, and later told me there was work at Lehman Bros. Few people knew that I wrote in the early 1990s very critically about collusive relations between the finance industry and the politicians that are supposed to regulate them. That shows that I was not close to these people.

At any rate, it has become apparent that Jamie likes Kyoto and would apparently like to move here, so I suppose that the deal he has with his CIA cohorts is that if he can contribute to displacing me he’s in here with the losers and pseudo intellectuals like the Kyoto Journal crowd, who somehow seem to share his passion for Shamanism. It could just be my imagination, but it would seem that the presence of Irish people collaborating with the yakuza also has conspicuously increased, with the likes of blogger Michael of Deep Kyoto fame. I have talked to these people, recommended books, and so on, but the interactions are not genuine, as they have an agenda that takes precedence.

I’m not spouting this somewhat rudimentary stuff because it gives me pleasure, and am actually tiring of having to be bothered with contacting you as much as you are of being contacted by me. I’m informing you of this information because there is hostile activity being taken against me personally here recently, including the attack on my computer. I consider myself to have been more than reasonable with you and the CIA thus far, and I remain marginally hopeful that I can reach a mutually beneficial agreement with the CIA. I don’t want to hear from Jamie Roughan again.

Date: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 2:09 AM
Subject: Re: baby alert
To: Jamie Roughan

Hey Jamie,
I hope that all went well the birth. Please keep us informed...

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 11:27 PM
Hey Jamie,
Thanks for the heads up. I hope Yuki delivers a healthy happy baby girl with no complications. Keep me posted.

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 3:47 PM, Jamie Roughan wrote:
Hey this is Jamie Roughan,
Wishing you a Happy Spring equinox.
A heads up if I have not spoken with you or had an opportunity to visit recently.
Yuki is in the hospital and she is expected to give birth to our first child.
Please join me in wishing her good thoughts for a safe and pleasant birthing.
I will keep you in my thoughts in return. ; >
Hope this message finds you well, and I look forward to hearing from you or hooking up sometime / somewhere in the future.
* It is a girl......whom I have yet to meet, but very much looking
forward to it.

Date: Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 8:57 PM
To: Jamie Roughan
oh, congratulations!! glad to hear things are going well, and you're growing up to be family man!

On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Jamie Roughan wrote:
turn off caps.... yeah I am doing good. wife is pregnant, gonna have a girl in a few months. everything is moving forward in life.
Been stock piling a fairl decent (nothing special) selection of single malts.
Any plans for a Tokyo visit. damn cold here at the moment.

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 11:51 AM, 
> These messages were sent while you were offline.
> 11:51 AM
hey J, good koyo here are things in the big T? cheers

More recently, the following exchange took place.

date:   Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 3:03 PM
subject:    Happy New Year
Hey *****,
How is ti going? ***** says she need some translation work done, *****
Do you have any interest?

date:   Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 8:49 PM
subject:    Re: Happy New Year
Mr. Jamie,
Happy New Year.
It's going ok here, you?
I'll have a look at the doc. What is it? 

date:   Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 10:55 AM
subject:    Re: Happy New Year
Ok good to hear from you.
Hope to see you sometime soon, I have a 2 yr old girl occupying my time these days, good fun!


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  2. I see that you lack common sense along with ability to sort reality and fiction (delusional).

    I politely requested that you remove this nonsense; yet, stubbornly you take no action.

    I feel pity that you have no shame, and with love in my heart hope that you seek treatment for your condition.

  3. Dear Mr. Darren Vassaturo,

    It is not appropriate to celebrate the birth of the child of an acquaintance by posting your schizophrenic delusions about him on your blog.

    Jamie Roughan is obviously not in the C.I.A. and was in fact a former acquaintance of yours from your days at university. Your delusions of self-importance, and ideas that the C.I.A. would possibly have an interest in intruding upon the life of you, a wood-whistle tooting, dime-a-dozen translator with poor interpersonal skills, are yet more symptoms of your disease.

    Are your wife, children and relatives aware of your mental condition, and the great sums of money and time that you have wasted filing frivolous lawsuits against your own hallucinations? Soon enough they will surely find out and have you institutionalized. I sincerely hope that you are treated properly before you harm yourself or others.

    There are a number of mental health facilities in Kyoto where you can seek treatment for your sickness, such as the Takagi Psychiatric Clinic that is not far from your home.

    Please visit a mental healthcare professional immediately, as your mental condition seems to be worsening day by day.