Thursday, June 14, 2012

The CIA and Kyoto University: Associate professors, past and present

Aside from Glenn Paquette--past--there are two other Americans I'm aware of that are in all likelihood CIA officers who are affiliated with the university.

He was involved in recruiting students and others at the university to work as agents for the CIA.

He attempted to use some of his recruits against me, and collaborated with other CIA officers, such as Anthony Blackman, to attempt to waste my time, make me unproductive, and make it seem like it was hopeless for me to continue staying in Kyoto.

He didn't cease and desist even after I reported him to the American Consulate in Osaka, and I had to tell him I would kill him twice, and report the entire scenario to the Department of Justice before he was removed.

But it is not clear whether he has been disciplined and fired by the CIA, or simply put in a holding pattern.

So I'm posting this, and will discuss Sasha Peterka, as well as the one of the other Americans mentioned above, who has a PhD in psychology, named David Dalsky:

He said something rather untoward to me during our first discussion, a typical representation of the type of psychological warfare I've encountered with these people.

I've edited this post to reflect that I' have made a separate post about him, in consideration that much of significance transpired during the period between the two postings. 


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