Thursday, August 30, 2012

Citizen power - A courtesy call

The following email was sent to the consulate around the time I encountered Eric Bray, the title line of the email being: Eric Bray, The Irish connection, etc.

This was several days before I finally received a response from the DOJ. And that was a couple of months before the next encounter with intelligence officers, namely David Dalsky and David Chandler (of Doshisha University) from the UK, whose daughters were attending the same nursery school in which we had managed to enroll our son after filing a lawsuit.

Note that the incidents in question, again, occurred after I had received the deceptive response from the officials and functionaries at the DOJ intent on covering up the allegations and misdirecting me, and before I had reported that fact here.

Dear Ms. Kennedy,

I assume that you have taken note that I have been escalating the PR counterinsurgency against the MI6 and CIA cretins in this town.

You people seem rather intransigent, and you can’t afford to be. I on the other hand, have little alternative than to be just that, and displace all of the people that have tried to displace me. The historical magnitude of this conundrum is evident, and I understand that people like the ambassador, who probably has a very high opinion of himself, think that they have the right to determine policy. Well, let me put it to you this way, Ms. Kennedy, ambassadors come and ambassadors go—almost as frequently as Citizens’ Services officers—but I will be on the scene in perpetuity.

So, I’m going to take you to task, and put you out to pasture.

You should also be aware of the fact that it struck me as somewhat odd that Marc Snider was replaced so fast, even though things appeared to have been moving in a direction preferable to me. After you came on, Mr. Paquette’s information reappeared on the Kyoto university website, and you people seem to have become somewhat brazen and emboldened, with the MI6 promoting Dougill’s so-called guide book on their facile blog, etc.

Is it the case that your appointment and Mr. Snider’s reassignment coincided with the change of the Directorship of the CIA? You’ll have to excuse my paranoia—self preservation.

OK, well, at any rate, I’ve exposed these dastardly ploys, and yet you people persist.
It may be a bit taxing, but I believe I’m up to taking the CIA and MI6 propaganda team down the hard way, if they don’t simply go peacefully.

I’m not sure whether you are trying to keep Mr. Paquette on the back burner, but since you haven’t been as forthcoming as necessary vis-à-vis yours truly, I am going to release an expose on the problems that I had with Mr. Paquette very soon, thereby making sure that he is not simply retired from Kyoto University temporarily, but permanently—and perhaps from the CIA, too.

After that, I’m going to deal with the cases of Mr. Roughan, the Irish American, and the fairly large number of Irish pubs and people that I’ve met here.

Kennedy, that’s an Irish name, right?

Well, even I am purported to have a wee bit of the Irish in me, but I won’t dwell on that. Hey, me alma mater is in a city named after the good bishop.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had to think about the Irish question in depth before, and actually have other questions on which I’ve been focusing for much longer that require my attention. It does seem to me that there is a preponderance of Irish folk in public service, so maybe we have an LA Confidential type scenario here. Hey, Callahan, that’s an Irish name, too, right?

Is it the luck o’ the Irish, or Murphy’s Law?


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