Sunday, May 19, 2013

Screen shots of archived website of defunkt___Global College, Japan Center___

Since discovering that the website has been taken down, deleted or however you want to characterize it, and I've had to go back and record some of what was there for further reference, I noticed that the website had been up since 2007, going down in February 2013, apparently. Here is a link to a pdf file that includes the now closed and erased Kyoto branch.

In perusing the archived pages to see if there had been something I may have missed, I discovered that there were two other people on the Faculty/Staff appearing in the archived pages between April 2007 and May 2008. Those two people still live and work in the Kyoto area, though I don't know them. They are easy to find on the Internet, unlike Dan Douglass. 

No personnel changes appear  between April 2007 and Sept 2008, as per the following screenshot

The links are not all working, but the pages still there:

This screenshot from September 2008 shows two people less than the earlier screenshots, after which there were no further changes until the website was deleted.

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