Thursday, November 7, 2013

Facebook is now crawling with CIA and MI6 officers in Kyoto and Kansai...

Some of you will have read an earlier post in which I mention that Brian Schultz 'de-friended' me on Facebook apparently in order to conceal the identities of all the intelligence officers in attendance at a little riverside gathering hosted by Justin Giffin. Well, the CIA and MI6 apparently decided to change tact sometime in the not-too-distant past (I can't monitor these people all the time), and now they are all sort of hiding in the open there, literally a hundred or more individuals. 

The implications will not be readily apparent, but let me briefly say that with respect to civil society and the availability of opportunities for normal Westerners in Japan (not to mention Japanese citizens), the effect (if not strategy) of the intelligence agencies is to colonize civil society (e.g., monopolize teaching jobs at universities, etc.) in a manner such as to exclude non-intelligence officer foreigners and network with Japanese people in a manner that causes even graver damage to civil society in Japan. I've already touched on the exclusionary aspects of their sociopathic networking endeavors.

What is important to bear in mind is that all of these individuals are receiving a salary of $US 100,000 or more on top of what they earn locally, so they are not really here as normal people living on a normal budget; American and British and Irish and Canadian tax payers are paying them substantial salaries to basically serve as agents infiltrating civil society overseas in a manner that is 100% incompatible with Western values of free-market economics, the pursuit of happiness, open society, etc. They are part of a nexus of a neo-feudalistic social network that poses a serious problem that remains hidden. Naturally, part of my aim is to expose this pernicious activity of the Western intelligence agencies in Kyoto. No doubt it is a pattern that could be found in many other places in a form tailored to the specific environment.

Aside from the fact that you can view these individuals on Facebook--and note that the respective governments of England, Ireland, Canada, the USA, etc. do not remove these individuals even after I expose them is in need of further examination--later.

Here is Justin's current page:
Though I'm not trying to single him out, since I have specifically discussed this issue in relationship to him in the past, his page is the logical place to start. 

If you go into his Friends list, note that John Dougill, for example is included there. Not only are numerous people that I have mentioned on this blog, e.g., Aaron Campbell of 'Global College' fame  and reported to the US DOJ there, but others that I haven't (yet) mentioned, but with whom I've interacted in some of the same scenarios already described on this blog, such as: 
Gordon Maclaren, who I met the same night I met Michael Lambe of bogus blog fame and who teaches at the same university as Dougill. 

Those I've exposed heretofore are most certainly intelligence officers, others just suspect based on circumstantial evidence and degree of association. I feel comfortable mentioning their names in the context of examining the networks of people associated with those individuals with respect to whom there is no question that they are intelligence officers. 

If nothing else, Mr. Maclaren, for example, who studied at Harvard, is networked with at least five individuals that I can assert with a high degree of certainty are CIA officers, including one or two that lived in my old apartment building. A couple of them used to pop up quite frequently and apparently were on my security detail, but they have dropped out of sight in the past year or so. And that's in addition to at least three MI6 (presuming that Irish are MI6) officers. Mr. Mclaren might be Canadian, in which case, if he were an intelligence officer, he would belong to the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency:

The following Facebook groups, for example, have a fairly dense population of CIA, MI6, etc. intelligence agency officers:

Here are a couple of interesting photos from one event held at the venue where I met Gordon Maclaren and Michael Lambe with Brian Schultz. Is that Sean Lotman  in the back row?

I could name others from these pages, but I'll save that for another time, as I have to leave this post short and get some work done. Suffice it to say that if you take a cross section of the people on these pages with those of people on a few others pages I'll post soon, the number of people involved is astonishingly large. Although a few of the individuals are engaged in socially beneficial activities, the majority are sort of nothing more than entities whose activities could be seen to be neo-colonial and aimed at promoting the interest of Western corporations. Feudalism and neo-corporatism are interrelated societal configurations, historically.

This post is somewhat disjointed and I'll have to come back to it again and edit...

In closing, there are two other trends that I've noticed in conjunction with the "hide in the open on social media" phenomena: (1) the agencies have been concentrating on sending retirees my way and withdrawing the younger officers, hoping to protect their cover, I suppose, and perhaps hoping to shield themselves by sending retirees--who aren't technically active intelligence officers; and (2) an uptick in the number of conspicuous homosexuals (elderly lesbian couples, etc.) on the streets and in the cafe. It bear noting that the current consul at the Osaka Consulate is a gay man married to a Japanese man. Here are a couple of links:


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  2. That's an interesting comment. Do you, too, have a PhD in psychology, like Dalsky?
    You've overlooked a couple of salient points, however.
    The first would be that none of the people I've exposed here has denied the claim or attempted to take legal action. To the contrary, Glenn Paquette was forced to resign, and Peterka's career in academia--if he ever had one--is history.
    I can't take the same sort of action against the Brits/Irish/Canadians that I have against the Americans, but the legal recourse of addressing the criminality of the CIA officers et. al before the courts is still pending.
    For the time being, I have to be content simply with having the offending individuals removed from the vicinity in which I live and relegated to a more constrained scope of activity.

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  4. Dear Mr. Darren Vasaturo,

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    I met all of these people at one time or another when I was a custodian at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

    I might even have some photos of these individuals in CIA clothing or with other items that they purchased here:

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