Friday, November 13, 2015

A Question for Edward Snowden

Why haven’t you disclosed any documents related to the intelligence agreements that the government of the United States has with Japan?

This is an actual question for Mr. Snowden, to which he can feel free to respond. 

Mr. Snowden has revealed some document related to US intelligence sharing with other countries, including Israel, Australia, Germany, Britain, etc., as per the following articles about the NSA. (there is nothing about the CIA, the agency for which he initially worked as a contractor).

Naturally, I am most interested in the agreement the U.S. has with Japan, because the most important aspect of the unconstitutional actions of the government of the United States that I have uncovered that the agreement between the government of Japan and the government of the U.S. with respect to Kyoto, at any rate, sees all of the institutions of civil society monopolized by CIA officers and their cohorts from other Western states.

That “international intelligence agreement” is responsible for establishing the conditions under which rogue CIA officers have trespassed against my rights protected under the U.S. Constitution as well as federal statutes. As such, the aforementioned agreement itself is in violation the U.S. Constitution.

It bears pointing out that Snowden has disclosed documents revealing NSA spying on Japan; that is to say, he has revealed paltry tabloid type negative disclosures that serve to do nothing but distract from the actual disposition in which the Executive Branches of the governments of the United States and Japan are collaborating, using intelligence operatives as a covert tool against civil society, to promote their personal and political goals.

Could it be that Mr. Snowden has no such information? Or could he be withholding such information, perhaps as a bargaining chip with the authorities? Even the former Attorney General Eric Holder, who refused to prosecute a single Wall St. criminal for the finance crisis while prosecuting various government whistleblowers, has held out the possibility to Snowden. One can only wonder why…

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