Monday, August 8, 2016

Defendants Sean Lotman, Colin Zimbleman, et al.

The judge in this case has simply refused to accept that the defendants listed in the Complaint may be officers in the CIA or their recruited "assets", despite some circumstantial evidence that has been submitted to the Court which suggests otherwise.
 At any rate, I’m going to present some of the documents filed with the Court in support of the allegations, opening it up to evaluation by the public. In this case, the documents I filed with the Court consist of emails. These documents are all on the public record. The material will be presented in reverse order, with the evidence documenting the most recent intruders leading off. That would defendants Lotman and Zimbleman. As can be seen from the attached emails sent to me by Zimbleman, Lotman et al. the members included:
Mike BarrAriya SasakiWilliam HallColin ZimblemanSean LotmanJeremy RappleyeHallam UdellMaana SasakiEric Luong In the approximately 8 hours from the time Zimbleman introduced me to the so-called “Lit Group” he cancelled the meeting, etc., contradicting himself, as briefly explained in the Second Amended Complaint.
 As far as I can tell, the entirety of said group consists of intelligence operatives, eithers officers or “assets”, representing the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


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