Monday, January 29, 2018

I only finished one of three blogposts about the Japanese "founders" of Coincheck...

...The company started by suspected CIA operative James Riney's suspected Japanese "Public Security Intelligence Agency" operative associates (

I'm glad to see them in the news, of course...

Well, the pdf isn't accessible except to my from Google Drive, and some images I tried to upload were "rejected by the server, so the following won't work.
In fact, I don't think these people are worth wasting any more time on, so I'm just going to upload some section/screenshots culled from the uploaded pdf of the blogpost in this series I was working on about Yusuke Otsuka, whom is pictured in the Mainichi artcle.

But there are always links that are still active, or on the Wayback Machine. I don't have time to look through the material, though, so I'll just post this link to his LinkedIn page, which remains largely the same: You can see much of the Resu Press and Storys material by following links to the archived pages on the other blogposts in the series about these individuals.

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