Monday, September 3, 2012

Reposted: Who is that chap Justin Giffin? Why, he's an officer in the MI6.

For starters, he is a guy that moved into my old neighborhood not too long before I moved out, and whom I had initially met through Brian Schultz. He used to own and operate a guest house, which I believe used to be called Sakura House (now it seems to be called Peace House Sakura), in an area adjacent to a yakuza HQ and brothels.

Justin had seemed to be the host of several bbq type gatherings by the Kamogawa river. He was the senior intelligence agent among those people, apparently. Brian Schultz had posted photos of many of those people on his Facebook page, and he "de-friended" me apparently to conceal those images, probably under orders from Mr. Giffin.

Fortunately, the authorities have made bbq-ing illegal along the riverside, which has been crucial to preserving the environment from hordes of people that had started taking over whole swaths of the riverside and setting up camp. 

I must say that the Brits (and their Yank mateys) were particularly annoying, actually setting up canopies and the like. It seemed like they were going to hold a jousting tournament or something. 

I recall seeing people doing things like spinning a long staff with fire burning at both ends, trying to convert the riverside into a rave scene or something. They were utterly disgusting in the sense of being ugly Americans (and Brits, South Africans, etc.)

I've already discussed this briefly in conjunction with the post on Brian Schultz of South Africa.

I had refrained from bringing up this guys name because he is married and has one child, with another due soon.  

However, it has become apparent since the incidents involving David Dalsky and the other British guy named Dave whose daughter goes to the same nursery school as my son, that the intelligence sociopaths were trying to get at me in a state in which my defenses would be down due to the presence of children.

Here are a few links to Justin Giffin online.

He has the ridiculous cover of selling telephone cards, and his connection to Kyoto is that he served as an English teacher in the ALT program, which is probably an fertile recruiting ground for the intelligence agencies of English speaking countries.

This page from the MI6 funded website "deep kyoto" that I've mentioned before has a photo of Justin. Almost all of the Westerners appearing on this website are CIA, MI6, etc.

Here is another website that shows the googlemaps image of Justin's house and his largest sales customer, etc. It's a "company data" website...

Justin also appears to be an ordained minister performing Christian wedding ceremonies. Everyone I have met that was doing this has turned out to be an intelligence operative, including Dan Douglass, Brian Shultz, and others.

Here is an article on the "deep kyoto" website that features Eric Johnston (see my blog post on him), along with two other foreigners that I don't know, but would view as suspect intelligence operatives after seeing them here. It appears that at a certain point their cover is blown, so they just sort continue in the open. This is an issue I will have to address in a post examining the disposition of "intelligence" operatives in modern society. Note that almost all of these people are involved in civil society pursuits at the behest of governments, subverting the role of civil society and warping the economy associated with it. 

The so-called shakuhachi payer named Yoshida Koichi picture on the following page of "deep kyoto" was introduced to me by Brian Schultz several years ago as someone that he knew because he had been studying under the same teacher. I noticed that he was a very poor shakuhachi player once he started playing along the Kamogawa in the neighborhood I used to live in and not far from where I used to practice. I had started practicing along the river for more than five years at that time, and it appeared that these people were trying to upstage me. 

It could be seen as if they were sending a message that if you can do it we can do it, too, or something like that. There are plenty of reasons that I refer to these people as sociopaths. Anyway, their newly minted would-be musician seemed to be an exceedingly poor shakuhcahi player, so if I hadn't basically found them all loathsome for being frauds and trying to encroach on my daily life, I might have felt somewhat embarrassed for them at the time. 

In any case, considering that Mr. Yoshida is linked to Brian Schultz et al., there is a good probability that he is a Japanese Freemason or affiliated with some Japanese secret society, possibily even working as an intelligence operative in the newly minted Japanese version of the CIA (I don't even know what it's called). Anyway, the article says that he is moving to France! 

Tough luck, France! Se la vie!


  1. Darren, what gives ?
    All my operatives know it's "C'est" and not "Se" la vie.. didn't you do French at school ?