Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dan Douglass and Aaron Campbell, veterans of 'Global College Friends World Program', running international English conversation website

Check the CIA dynamic duo of English conversation specialists (formerly associated with LIU's Global College Friends World and Kyoto Sangyo University ( 

here, with their new CIA-front venture: 

"Deep English"

I suppose this provides them with cover, potentially, in various countries, as well as a potential network.

Since the link on the original blog page is inactive, here is an archive link to the CIA-front that was affiliated with the quasi-Christian/quasi-Quaker college Long Island University (LIU).

The page reads:

Aaron Campbell, Academic Coordinator
B.G.S., University of Michigan
M.Ed., University of Sheffield, UK

Aaron is our resident computer expert and educational technology specialist.  He is currently active in curriculum design and implementation incorporating weblogs, wikis, social networking and aggregation tools both at Global College and within his EFL classes at a local Japanese university.  In his free time Aaron enjoys spending time with his two daughters, listening to hip hop and pontificating about education and eastern philosophy.

Dan Douglass - Faculty Advisor
B.A., Friends World Program, L.I.U.
M.A., School for International Training
Dan is a graduate of Friends World who studied at the East Asian, South Asian and Latin American Centers in addition to spending a semester doing independent research on syncretic religions in Brazil. He later went on to complete a master's degree in education with a specialty in Teaching English as a Second Language from the School for International Training in Vermont and has been teaching English in Japan for the past 8 years. In his down time he is a Mac enthusiast and an amateur percussionist and throat singer.

Incidentally, 'Deep English' has a Facebook page with 183,000 likes! That is quite a network they have there...

The objective of creating such a website, aside from occupying a viable economic niche, is the create an network international network through which the CIA can recruit spies to act against their own respective countries.

Here are some comments from some others in their network posted on the website:

And here is a link to a little public outreach Mr. Douglass had undertaken for the CIA-front of pseudo-Christian intelligence agency sociopaths masquerading as a charitable organization.

No more time to spend on this...

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