Sunday, August 2, 2015

Who is Colin Zimbleman?

He is another UC Santa Barbara connection and the brother-in-law of Sean Lotman. He contacted me through his wife, Misako Inaoka, an aspiring artist (, like her sister. Zimbleman, like Lotman, is suspected to be an officer in the CIA. He helps teach children theater, apparently, at Doshisha University, which will have its own dedicated post soon, as it has many more suspected CIA and MI6 officers than the one I have discussed here (Jones) thus far (though I have mentioned Chandler in passing).

Zimbleman contacted me an invited to a putative meeting of a literature discussion group (which was called off after much ado) that he and Lotman host, called the Monkey Shoulder Gang-interestingly enough—after a whisky bottle (a Speyside vatting). Among the members of the group, listed below in its entirety—as far as I know—is Eric Luong, the Chinese Canadian intelligence officer I’ve already mentioned on the blog. Luong, along with suspected CIA officer Ash Ryan, is involved in producing the Kyoto iteration of the globalized event called PechaKucha, which also needs a dedicated blog post, but for now a couple of links will suffice. It should be noted that an Irish G2 intelligence officer, Jay Klaphake, was one of the co-founders of the Kyoto iteration of the TEDxKyoto version of the TED talks. The pattern of intelligence officers coopting international forums such as these is representative of the intelligence agencies’ efforts to colonize and monopolize civil society.

The first shows Lotman as a presented talking about photography:
The second Zimbleman talking about art:
The third the general staff of the Kyoto iteration of the event, which includes a link to Ryan and Luong interviewing a computer scientist from India, I gather:

List of members of the literature discussion group: (Use Google translation function if you can’t read French; he is actually also British, it would seem, and the café is in my neighborhood, though I've avoided it as it is trying to become a hipster scene.)

  • Maana Sasaki (Ariya’s sister)
  • Sean Lotman

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