Thursday, September 24, 2015

Who is Christian Lengelle?

While I confirm the content of the notice sent to Google requesting that the The Enemy Within, Part 1: Neoliberalism post be taken down, I'll repost portions of that with some information removed as a precautionary measure.

This recent article in the Financial Times,, Why Foreigners are seeking ‘worthless’ wooden homes in Kyoto”, states:

Christian Lengelle, a Frenchman based in Tokyo, is restoring several machiya for rental to tourists. 

Machiya owners who let their property can expect rental income of about Y18,000 ($145) per night in high season, and half that in low season, according to Ken Hayashi, who runs House Network, a buying agency for foreigners.

There is no information regarding a Christian Lengelle in Tokyo other than the above article and the Airbnb page for one of his houses. In light of all the issues involving the French here in Kyoto recently discussed on this blog, the article certainly got my attention.

Naturally, in made me wonder if Christian Lengelle could be another finance sector career man who is also an officer in his nation’s intelligence service, which, in his case, would be the French DGSE intelligence agency, like Vogely. Well, I don't know for certain one way or the other, but seeing the above article certainly piqued my interest in Mr. Lengelle, so here's what I found.

He once held the position of Credit Lyonnais' managing director and head of equity derivatives for North America in New York, but it is unclear as to what kind of work he is doing in Tokyo at present, although the Financial Times is certainly aware of his current occupation, considering the recent article quoted above.

He is mentioned not only in the above-linked mass media articles, but also in the following book by an academic about organizational behavior. Here, it bears repeating that the Western intelligence agencies control a broad swath of the mass media as well as publishers, and they use that control to promote intelligence officers in civil society. In this case, it is not clear why an otherwise obscure Frenchman that has worked in the finance industry is being written about in numerous publications, which also piques my interest. 

He is mentioned--and quoted--in Chapter 4 (p. 89) of the book:

‘This pub-culture just isn’t French’, says Christian Lengelle from Credit Lyonnais. ‘We are not used to going to the cafe after work to have a drink with colleagues…’

From the following link, it can be seen that a Christian Lengelle who is in the 40-49 years of age bracket ran a 10K affiliated with the 2015 Saipan marathon in 58 minutes.

A Christian Lengelle apparently had a personal website ( until fairly recently; unfortunately, it wasn’t archived.
There appears to be a company named Christian Lengelle in Bali.
Address: *****, DESA CEMAGGI BALI
Phone: +62.81747*****

There was a Christian Lengelle who apparently had a company in New York, which appears to have been dissolved:

There is a Christian Lengelle on LinkedIn who describes himself as a photographer living in NYC.

The Christian Legnelle featured in the Financial Times article does not describe whether or not he presently works in the finance sector (or at all, maybe he's retired); however, the article does describe him as living in Tokyo and owning at least one house in Kyoto  that he rents out as a vacation rental, and restoring others: (French, includes more info, photos, etc.) through a network connected to Ken Hayashi, a Japanese that appears to have been educated in the USA.
He, in turn, seems to be connected to Naoko Miki, who may be the mysterious translator for the DGSE-front website RealKyoto calling herself "Pamela" of Miki Associates, an apparently non-existent company.

Lengelle is apparently a technically savvy Frenchman (maybe his is being provided guidance by Vogley), as he has preemptively excluded the French version of his website from being archived, as shown below. The French version webpage includes a map as well as a number of photographs of the house and neighborhood not included on the English version, for some reason.


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