Monday, August 31, 2015

A coincidental increase of apparently mentally ill people showing up in my immediate vicinity???

Yesterday an apparently mentally ill homeless man who had set up a garbage filled camp by the river near the spot I take the children to play and practice the shakuhachi harassed us. He had a chair set up as well to the south, and had snuck up behind me and approached my kids with a plastic bag in which he said he had insects to show them. When my kids backed away from him and I became aware of his presence, I accosted him verbally, and he told me not to play the shakuhachi there because there was a hotel nearby (the newly opened Ritz-Carlton).

I called the police , naturally, and during the course of them going back and forth, he made a get away, though I believe that they took his name, etc. I didn't take a photo of him, unfortunately, but here is the camp he's set up.

Today, another apparently mentally ill (or feigning to be so) vagrant that I had first seen at night on my way to the cafe--along a route I frequently take--a couple of weeks ago showed up along the route I walk to pick up the kids from nursery school, having parked his bike in the road and sat on the curb.

I asked him what he was doing, and he was stumped for an answer, eventually replying that he was waiting for someone. I told him not to block the road or sit there, taking his photo and telling him I would show it to the police, which I did, tonight.

The first photo is from August 13th, the first time he showed up, the others from today, the 31st.

For technical reasons unknown to me, the following video clip has poor resolution and is much smaller than the screen displayed when replayed with QuickTime. I will have to find a way to fix that.

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