Thursday, December 10, 2015

The now defunct Facebook page, "Kyoto International Scene", introducing Christian Schmidt

I initially was motivated to post this in relation to a suspected Swiss intelligence officer named Christian Schmidt, whom I have not had time to write about in more detail. However, it seems that the guy in the photo below may be a different "Christian Schmidt" ( a Swede that attended Doshisha's MBA program). That doesn't change the fact that the majority of the people shown are intelligence officers, likely including the same guy, as the MBA program at Doshisha is rife with CIA officers, one of whom I named in the lawsuit, another who is named Philip Sugai:

A number of other individuals listed below also were examined in the lawsuit, including Ted Taylor, the "internationalizer" (Mr. Talyor has now changed his name to "Edward" on his blog:, Ariya Sasaki, Jay Klaphake (currently shows a photo of himself with Kyoto's corrupt mayor:, etc. I think you can see the overlapping theme, and recurrent patterns...

At any rate, I archived the following information from Facebook in 2013... The only live link on the World Wide Web is the following:

You will notice that many of these people, who are intelligence officers, no longer have a presence on Facebook, including the suspected intelligence officer Christian Schmidt. This may have been his profile:

That photo appears to be a very old photo, assuming it is the same. I will post a separate entry on Schmidt including the email exchange between us related to interpretation work.

The file is, in fact, 339 pages long... and it wouldn't copy and past into this Google page as a single file, so I have converted it to a pdf and then to jpg images, which are pasted below. 

I will adjust the size of the remaining images later.

Meanwhile, K.I.S. (i.e., Kyoto International Scene) has left its Twitter account up they have now made their blog private!

This first two didn't come out in the pdf... I will add the photos later...

Kyoto InternationalScene



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