Sunday, July 3, 2016

Who is Barry Lancet?

Why, he's a CIA ghost writer of sorts.
This is a placeholder, because I'm working on documents to submit to the Court...
You can read a little about Mr. lancet at our now defunct CIA blog front Deep Kyoto, here:

The neoliberal Trojan Horse front called "Impact Hub Kyoto" deserves its own post...

and here:

 Perhaps where Lancet does take some creative liberties, however, is in the exaggeration of crime in a country not especially known for its violence.
     “A strong sense of courtesy and social order helps keep the violent crime rate down,” Lancet says. “I only rarely get threatened or a gun pulled in my face. The first in Japan by a yakuza wanna-be, the second in Istanbul. What goes unseen but is rampant is the amount of white-collar crime behind the scenes. Some of this shows up in the Brodie books. In PACIFIC BURN it is apparent in the actions of the ‘nuclear mafia’—how their influence paved the way to the actual nuclear plant meltdown in Fukushima. ‘Allegedly.’ ”
     Exploring the underbelly of the Japanese crime scene could put a “target” on Lancet’s back—if not for the fact that despite a growing  foreign-language market for his novels, they have yet to be translated into Japanese.

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