Monday, October 17, 2016

Kristopher Tate and Robert D. Eldridge interviewed in PHP Institute publication

Suspected CIA sociopaths Kris Tate (aka テイト クリストファー, 帝都 久利寿) and Robert D. Eldridge were both interviewed in the November 2015 of right-wing, pseudo-religious "institute" known as "Peace and Happiness through Prosperity" (PHP) in English:

PHP markets itself as a "think tank":
Suffice it to say, it is another example of the neoliberal agenda par excellence, with Eldridge, more accurately characterized as a neocon, reflecting another bandwidth of the right-wing spectrum.

I don't have time for much detail, but Eldridge was a former CIA plant in academia who went undercover as a civilian official in the U.S. Marine Corps, and was dismissed from that position when it was learned that he had provided video surveillance footage of a protest against the U.S. base to a Japanese ultra-nationalist group:

Eldridge is basically a CIA neo-fascist thug that was collaborating with organized crime connected right-wing groups in order to suppress civil disobedience in the form of protests against the policies of the Abe administrations policies on Okinawa.

The CIA attempted to help Eldridge defend himself (and secure his cover as a journalist) by disseminating some disinformation penned by him in an article published in the Washington Times attacking the anti-base activists:

The article describes Eldridge as follows:

Robert D. Eldridge is the author of “The Origins of the Bilateral Okinawa Problem” (Routledge, 2001), and was deputy director for government and external affairs for Marine Corps Installations Command-Pacific, in Okinawa, from 2009 to 2015.

Eldridge has written a number of ludicrous articles for the Japan Times as a CIA journalist on the Diaoyu/Senkakus dispute, such as:

And then there's this article:   

"In appearance on far-right TV, U.S. official calls Okinawa base protests ‘hate speech’"(

Here in the guise of soft-spoken PR man for the military industrial complex...

Meanwhile, the publication called Voice put out by the PHP Institute is a right-wing propaganda vehicle, and the "interview" with Tate is laden with vapid cliche that is too inane to recount. I haven't even looked at the interview with Eldridge. Here are some excerpts, with photos, from that magazine, feature the CIA's idiot savant entrepreneur and neo-fascist thug...

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