Sunday, November 6, 2016

Who is Kenshin Fujiwara (藤原 健真)? What is the Founder Institute?

I've mentioned this guy before in connection with Tong Cheuk Fung and the co-working spaces, but he needs to be examined with a little closer scrutiny. 

Suffice it to say that he is an individual that is connected to both Kristopher Tate's network and James Riney's network.

Though he's rather mysterious about his illustrious entrepreneurial past. That is to say, why wouldn't he be more forthcoming with the names of the two companies he proudly describes himself as having "co-founded" and then sold to a "Japanese public company" and "US company"? One would think that if his stories were true, he would want to actually take credit for what he'd accomplished. As it is, the lack of information leads me to believe it is a fabricated story for "cover". (Yet) Another pseudo-entrepreneur in Kyoto.

As you can see, he claims to have studied at California State university, where he was probably recruited by the CIA.

His current "venture", if you can call it that, seems like a total sham calorie counting / diet recipe mobile app service with targeting dieting housewives, apparently. Big revenue source there... 

His intelligence networking activitiy seems to be running the Kansai branch of "Founder Institute"--yet another CIA front, targeting Asia in "the pivot".

Being far to busy to look any further at this individual presently, as I have an appeal pending before the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, this post will be limited to prefatory remarks, and a few links for your listening pleasure.
There are numerous individuals and tech startups connected to the network that will be examined, some fairly well known, others not, individuals including Japanese that are active and connected to the Silicon Valley. The Japanese include a couple who are shown with Tate on his Facebook page posing as ideot savants, as they are want to do in order to promote their sociopathic network and the activities thereof. It's hard to say whether these Japanese work for the CIA (as assets) or the Japanese secret police (i.e., the 公安省 ("Ko-an-sho"): euphemistically called the Public Security Agency). Now you can begin to see why sociopath Barack Obama wanted to have his sociopath crony (and probably CIA asset) Shinzo Abe pass a State Secrets Law in Japan (4 years after I started complaining about the CIA sociopaths in Kyoto, threatening to file a lawsuit).

Junya Kondo

Takahito Iguchi

as well as their buddies, 

Shintaro Tabata


Hiro Shinohara

also connected to Yusuke Otsuka, Tong Cheung Fung,  Eric Luong, and Jonathan Levy, for example, 

squaring the circle between the funny-money finance sector and the purveyors of pseudo-culture sociopaths:

James Riney took the following post down from his blog less than a year after posting it, perhaps because it is a somewhat disrespectful shot taken at a renowned Zen Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The other individual is suspected CIA operative Dave McClure, who merits even more scrutiny than Riney Jr., in light of the fact that McClure is one of the co-instructors of a course taught at Stanford University. 

Mr. McClure...

Mr. Fujiwara has implemented robots.txt on his Quora page,

so I'm archiving it here. I will be examining a couple of these topics in more detail in the near future.

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