Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Who is David Dryden Duff Jr. (aka David Duff)?

In retrospect, it may be that it was Mr. Dryden Duff, David’s Facebook page through which I first encountered Ms. Jones. Though I only downloaded Ms. Jones’ friends list page, it is significant that she advertised herself as being in the employ of the dastardly intelligence front “Nihongo Center (Japanese Language School).”

This post is brief—because I am too busy—but will be supplemented…

I had first archived Mr. Duff’s Facebook page on July 10, 2015. The friends list from that first archiving is shown below (subsequent archived iterations of which will be posted as time permits), and includes numerous individuals whose names will be familiar to followers of this blog (I will list the names, eventually, with brief descriptions, as appropriate). I also discovered the following photo of Duff with Dickinson at a café/bar in Kyoto while investigating Duff on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=403542139726697&set=basw.AbrWg5L61wasH_m0JJEeCSc5ZzeFf-XZXfgQBwfTo15gLG0HobiAyjTIMUeyoDD4kvMpwrjaVBR0nWA4A8LUL94-iGyApmLzL-myigeJWA4OSagYDW1IY8SSZHYtllUgJrlHtUwFX63r6LeEz3LD4DQr.444839872273693.3356012624008.10151660744382651.3954848394528.403542139726697.1592327384327811&type=1&opaqueCursor=AboPDTRXwfdY-d0m3fd11GozFH1qh772JTBVdN8Bqmbn8FQOK2R3ZhyJ2-ZMDj9c2xg7jQvG9PDkmLt_lEHG9fF2-pm4fLLHqbj55CqMQI8rdWHAmSksp437CqVkMQvis9-hZBx32abEmR8qkrLOmELNncQqYrRzQELwFQorQfRN1XDFX-VYMRtulOuP0__CM4Bac4Siw85rtoW3xsn9H88SvmfGL4QHwdeNK_KQQ055HqC6-tdThMii3rVXeFndF9WubyXNy6Cb_DUK644F1bkTqzw0G4pJ2yonqgLGoRQG_enFAMx7mzNm8aoXS8NOJFVLdHQyBBd9R8soAKqCXkc6qB7ajniQearpuKaAJVp6iNWozbmamROqLqpkynbzgithdeTkk7_I8fTm8xEushXmYdEhn_S4SNhB8FGZ_NT-SOmSmvDcfLYNk9XhyohmDIAZGg6iJReNlD5ebvS89f3T&theater). 

Duff comments, "a great photo i dare say."

I don’t recall exactly which of the numerous suspected CIA et al. sociopaths led me there, but it should be noted that this was shortly after I had been approached Colin Zimbleman and Sean Lotman. Zimbleman invited me to join a “Lit club” he and Lotman had started which Mike Barr was a member, as shown in the emails submitted to the Court shown below (email address shown as mikebarrontheriver@gmail.com). 

Mike Barr appears on David Duff’s Facebook friends list, as also shown below, where Karen Jones appears on p. 33. It can also be seen that Charles Roche appears on Duff’s friends lists, and I believe that I first learned about Barr though the YouTube videos for the event hosted at the café operated as a CIA proprietary by Roche discussed elsewhere on this blog (e.g.: http://kyoto-inside-out.blogspot.jp/search?q=the+flame). 

As described in the lawsuit, I had already blogged about both Lotman and Luong long before being approached by Zimbleman, including a brief examination of the 3F Project Room front that the CIA et al. had opened a block south of the nursery school in our neighborhood (http://kyoto-inside-out.blogspot.jp/2015/01/cia-dawn-oday-and-other-intelligence.html). I had noted the wide range of personages being promoted at said front on its blog and Facebook page, including Spencer (e.g.: https://www.facebook.com/3fprojectroom/photos/pb.453164754701391.-2207520000.1439745044./633275380023660/?type=3&theater). Meanwhile, as shown elsewhere on this blog as well, Spencer also worked at the Nihongo Center, as shown in the following screenshot of the webpage I personally archived before Spencer was removed.

Mr. Duff is also shown as a member of the Writers in Kyoto CIA et al. front (http://www.writersinkyoto.com/author/admin/), where he is described as a “self-published author” in relation to a book that has now been taken out of circulation, though I didn’t bother to buy it when it was available on Amazon, though I did leave a review noting that Duff is a suspected CIA operative: https://www.amazon.co.jp/Ero-samurai-Obsessed-Loving-Tribute-Japanese/dp/0595374565/ref=sr_1_1?s=english-books&ie=UTF8&qid=1483494987&sr=1-1.

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