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Who is "Karen Jones", (and Nicole Porter?), etc.?

Assuming that is her real name, she was an individual with a profile on Facebook who was connected to several of the networks I’ve examined here and in the lawsuit. 

For example, she is connected to the network comprising MI6 operative John Ashburne as well as the pseudo-Buddhist network comprising the presently removed Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat (through a woman named Nicole Porter: of the aborted front Dharma Japan (as I recall). That organization is addressed in the following paragraph from a document filed with the Court (the Motion for leave to file the Second Amended Complaint, which is posted in its entirety elsewhere on this blog: I will have to post the Motion, too, eventually. 

Ms. "Jones" is connected to one individual that I haven’t addressed yet on the blog or in the lawsuit who is connected to one of the defendants (Dickinson) named David Dryden Duff Jr. (, who describes himself as working for the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF). 

Mr. Duff, in turn, is connected to a broad cross-section of individuals that have been examined on this blog, including Jeff Berglund, Ted Taylor, John Einarsen, etc. 

Ms Jones is also connected to the Nihongo Center network (e.g., Keith Spencer:, not to mention Peter MacIntosh, etc.; perhaps it is no wonder that she has been "vanished" from Facebook (and the Internet). It bears noting, however, that at present the Facebook pages of Mr. Duff (including Friends list) and Ms. Porter can be viewed by anyone with a Facebook account. 

Moreover, Ms. Porter has a somewhat incognito account on Facebook called Healing Hatha Yoga ( for the yoga/meditation teaching business she operates here in Kyoto. She merits a blog entry herself--in due time--in light of 1, her promotion of her "guru", "Achariya Doug Duncan" on her blog post, archived here: (that page shows her face and first name, 

(current version):

but her full name is shown on a different page:, 

and 2, the sprawling network including a number of Western women and Japanese married to foreigners, etc. engaged in the yoga/organic/lifestyle activities aimed at influencing culture. Meanwhile, Ms. Porter also teaches her classes at the Impact HUB:

Those pages can be viewed here:

Before posting the text presented to the Court, it bears mentioning the long-standing connection to the yoga scene vis-a-vis Jamie Roughan and his wife (their company IROX, in Tokyo:

10. Finally, PTF has added information about a pseudo-Buddhist front that the CIA et al. had established in Kyoto and subsequently withdrew after PTF started blogging about other pseudo-religionists, including defendants Dickinson and Kevin Turner ( PTF has provided some documentary evidence linking them to various CIA et al. networks PTF has described. Some of the documents are only available as archived webpages, such as the following archived KTO article from July 2007 by Catherine Pawasarat, which illustrate the continuity between KTO and Deep Kyoto (as well as the connection to the Kyoto Journal and Impact Hub, etc.):

That couple currently resides in Canada, and here is a link to a representative video of the metaphysical content of the teachings they espouse from their YouTube site:

This material is relevant in relation to the First Amendment issues related to religion with respect to the Establishment Clause and the freedom of conscience as well as the attempts to dilute, pollute, and supplant local traditions, including religious.

Once when I checked Ms. Jones page I noticed that she had posted several short passages of free-association text that was quasi-poetic with romantic overtones, so I sent her the following message, after which she deleted her account at some point, but I wasn’t monitoring that page closely enough to date the deletion. She is showing a little more of her bosom than a normal Japanese girl would, so she may be American, with a Japanese parent. Unfortunately, I didn’t even bother to save the text I commented on. The following material was archived on August 27, 2015, the same date as the comment.
Karen Jones, Darren Vasaturo

Darren Vasaturo: Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 5:25pm UTC+09

A cute turn of phrase every now and again isn't going to prevent your being exposed as working for the CIA (or MI6)...

She has completely vanished from the Internet (Google search results, at any rate), so if you want to find her, you’ll need facial recognition software…
I don’t have time to convert the individual files to images at the moment, so the page files will have to suffice for the moment.

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