Friday, February 3, 2017

...forgot to post this photo of the idiot savant Jamie Roughan with his wife, Yuki Iwamoto, circa 2004...

His wife doesn't appear to be pleased with being a prop in the staged idiot savant foto shoot.

"My last night in Japan found me pretty tired and ready for bed, but the phone rang and it turned out to be Jamie Roughan, the other founder of TOUG. He invited me out to Shibuya (just south of Shinjuku) for dinner. It sounded like fun, so I went, and I was glad I did. Shibuya is where a number of scenes in the movie “Lost in Translation” were filmed."

So what exactly is the Tokyo OpenNMS Users group (TOUG) co-founded by Roughan? I don't have the time to look into it, but here is a link to its website (sourceforge):  
Note that the Group is in turn "owned" by a company called SlashdotMedia:

It can be seen from this earlier archived page of the Terms of Service Agreement that the website was set up no later than they year 2000:

That company seems unrelated to Roughan, however, whom only founded the Tokyo branch. That is not to say that it wasn't a CIA front to begin with; I don't know. Roughan and his wife have an LLC, however, based in Monrovia CA, with an original address in Nevada, perhaps for tax and identity evasion purposes.


I looked into the group a little further, and discovered the archived webpage, which listed an email address for Roughan that was unknown to me. 
Coordinators: ローエンさん (Mr. Jamie Roughan) (                     and こんどうさん (Mr. Katsuhiro Kondou) (

Meanwhile, I discovered two threads on sourceforge hosted webpages that Roughan participated in, each with yet other email addresses (only partially disclosed on threads):

Finally, I found a recent article indicating that the company is under new management as it had gained a bad reputation for distributing malware, etc.

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