Monday, February 6, 2017

Who is Ela Albisser? (aka Ela Lua: cohort of Russell Trott, Patricia Pringle, and Doug Duncan)

She is a Swiss national (one of a noteworthy contingent that will be addressed in more detail in the not-too-distant future) that is connected to the Dharma Japan pseudo-Buddhist CIA front operated by Doug Duncan and Catherine Pasawarat, currently out of Canada.

In following up on the pseudo-Buddhism being promoted by suspected CIA officers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pasawarat, whom I briefly described in filings with the Court, I located the archived website, now defunct.

This archived page (February 2007) of Dharma Japan describing Kyoto branch meditation classes, stating “Kyoto - Meditation classes continue with Paul Jaffe and Linda Yamashita”.

Here are a couple of archived pages from even earlier (circa 2004) that show a broader scope.

I also found that Russell Trout—an individual whom I’ve blogged about in conjunction with the health/fitness/well-being pseudo-culture and his status as the owner-operator of a Kyoto branch of the CIA front CrossFit located about a mile from our apartment—was another individual associated with Duncan The term ‘sangha’ (a term that generally refers to a Buddhist monastic community, but its use here is somewhat unclear: is listed on the following archived page, as including:
Russell Trott & Ela Lua (holistic living)Catherine Pawasarat (transformational and sustainable information services)John Munroe (healthy & sustainable living)Sarah Brayer (washi paperworks artist)
Michael Hofmann (sumi-e artist and sculptor)Peter Ujlaki (arts collector and dealer)

Before getting to Trott, however, the individual listed in the first screenshot—suspected CIA officer Paul Jaffe—is a member of an organization for which Patricia Pringle has worked and is still associated.

Though I’d known of Pringle’s work with that organization, as I had Googled her before meeting and she discussed it, that fact didn’t fit the narrative related to her association with Pellecchia and Noh, etc. It is, however, relevant here, in elaborating another overlapping network in which she and others previously bogged about are involved.

The other meditation teacher mentioned on the first screenshot above, suspected CIA officer Linda Yamashita, is currently teaching “mindfullness” at the University of California, San Diego.

The now defunct business Trott is described as being associated with on the ‘sangha’ screenshot above was jointly owned and operated by him and Ela Albisser.

Their operation of that business was networked internationally and attempted to propagate their pseudo-Buddhist fraud in various countries to support the subversive covert action in Kyoto, etc. Their advertisement refers to a “social adventure”…

And the two impostors operating under cover of teaching “dharma” in the world’s foremost center of Mahayana Buddhism (i.e., Kyoto), were offering the following “classes”.

Meanwhile, I had also noticed a Facebook page under name of Ela Lua that actually belongs to Ela Albisser and includes this photo from 10-19-2016 of Albisser with Patricia Pringle, taken during the trip Pringle made to Kyoto last October when she contacted me for a meeting:

In addition, Albisser describes herself as working for CrossFit now on her Google+ page.

And displays an advertisement image including Paul Crouse along with a host of other suspected intelligence operatives.

Update: March 2017 Dharma Japan "Retreat" (i.e. infiltration) in Hyogo, Japan, Posted on Facebook (by Nichole Porter)

and another at Impact HUB, in Kyoto:

This may not be very interesting, but this blog serves as a sort of journal for me to record these intelligence related pseudo-culture events, etc., perhaps to revisit at some time in a more substantive manner.

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