Saturday, June 24, 2017

Skull & Bones and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and bias on the part of Judge James E. Boasberg

On the basis of the personal bias Judge James E. Boasberg demonstrated against me during the proceedings at the District Court, I moved for a new judge to be assigned to the case, surmising that one reason for his bias (and the likely appearance thereof otherwise) was due to his membership in Yale's secret society Skull & Bones, which, as many will know, is a secret society to which both of the Bush presidents as well as defendant then Secretary of State John Kerry also belong.

The first two documents are the Motions filed with the Court, followed by the supporting exhibits related to the CIA and Skull & Bones. At any rate, I'm not sure how many of these were even filed on the docket by the Court, but I intend to present all of them here. Most have a URL embedded in them, but I will provide URL's for those that don't when I have time.

EXHIBITS on the relationship between Yale's Skull & Bones secret society and the CIA

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