Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who is Blain (aka Blaine) Auer?

These posts are the result of harassment at the Starbucks by people trying to distract me and prevent me from preparing documents for the Supreme Court.

That is the main reason I don't have time to blog much,  but that has been exacerbated by the fact that I've been sending messages to Blaine through Facebook since February 2014, which has become a detraction.

I've described Blaine in the filings with the Court, but have kept his identity secrete, though I recently informed (i.e., in advance) him that it would be necessary to divulge it to the Supreme Court.

Blaine visited me in Japan circa 1998, but dropped out of touch afterward. After I started forwarding him emails sent in complaint to the Consulate, he cancelled his Hotmail account, but then appeared on Facebook. 

I'd long since suspected he's joined the CIA, so figured that I could help him help me by keeping him informed. Recent events have proven that to be a false notion, so I've decided to post these entries in working out how to present him in the Petition to be filed with the Supreme Court.

As mentioned in relation to Phong, Blaine is a South Asia area specialist, and our mutual interest was music. Blain(e) thanks Phong in his book for using his librarian skills:

I don't have any reason to suspect Blaine, but I don't understand the workings of the CIA. It is a fact, for example, that the incident involving Zimbleman and Lotman occured in June-July of 2015, for example, long after I'd (unilaterally) reestablished contact with Blaine online. Perhaps the fact of that contact was used to exploit a false sense of reconciliation with the alleged CIA people including Lotman, whom I'd blogged about in May of 2013.

A more detailed examination is impracticable presently, so a few intermediary items will have to suffice, including, however, an email in complaint of harassment sent to the U.S. Consulate in Osaka that has previously been submitted to the Court in "REDACTED" form, but now will be submitted in full, as follows...

Aside from Blain (aka "Blaine") Auer, another pertinent individual named in the email as well as  in the lawsuit (initial Complaint (p. 27, ¶56: and in complaints sent to the DOJ (not yet posted or presented to the Court) is Chie Yakura, about whom more may be forthcoming in the future.

The first page of the email in REDACTED form as submitted to the Court precedes the unredacted email in full.

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