Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Who is Justin Senryu Williams???

Well, I decided to tell my old friend Blaine about this guy and his associates a couple of weeks ago, and low and behold, his website get hacked--presumably a pretense to provide him cover--but much of it has been archived (not by me, in this case).

He is promoted by the "intelligence community" as a quasi-pseudo religious/cultural figure, but is nothing more than a fraud... That is not to say he hasn't acquired any skills during his training; it is just to say that he is neither a musician/artist, nor a religious figure. He is an intelligence operative; that is to say, a sociopath infiltrating civil society in a democratic country.

The hacker seems to be aiming to install malware, too! So be carefull in accessing the website...
I don't have time to say anything more about this suspected MI6 cretin at present.

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