Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This is the deleted Facebook page of Sasaoka Teizan, my first shakuhachi teacher (Tozan-ryu)

He is not Japanese Ko-an-sho (joint-duty FBI/CIA: "Public Security Intelligence Agency"), but another of his former students, Shibata Michio (柴田道雄, aka 柴田玉堂 (竹号): is, and I believe it was him who caused Mr. Sasaoka to deleted his Facebook page after learning he and I had become friends. Sasaoka Sensei retired some years ago and returned to Kyushu.

The story is complicated, but it involved people that Sasaoka Teizan Sensei introduced me to while I was studying with him, including, for example, another Ko-an-sho individual active in the shakuhachi world who wrote a book I translated a couple of chapters of named Shimura Satoshi.
More about those people later. 

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