Monday, September 25, 2017

Website featuring Thomas Bertrand blocked from, apparently Ko-an-sho connected website...

This article appeared in my newsfeed today:
Thinking Out of the Box: French Retailer 
Selling “Bentō” Goods to Global Fans

That article features Thomas Bertrand, a hapless French DGSE officer ( whom I first met in @2001--as a hapless French student... 

Like Vogely, he is a covert state actor falsely promoted as an entrepreneur... under the harmless guise of lunch box salesman. He has also opened another business aiming to disrupt logistics in Japan; i.e., to compete with the Japan Post. I won't dwell on this presently. He has been described to the Court in the lawsuit...

Normally this wouldn't merit a blogpost, and the only reason I am posting this is because I discovered, upon attempting to archive the article, that it was excluded from the site (the WayBack Machine). This screenshot shows his store(front) (pun intended).

Then I discovered that the entire website is excluded, indicating that it is likely a website operated by the Japanese joint-duty FBI/CIA called the Ko-an-sho (公安省):

Bertrand is quite the travelling salesman! is sponsored by the Sasakawa Nippon Foundation, Ryoichi Sasakawa being an acknowledged CIA asset with organized crime ties, etc., also discussed in the lawsuit:

And sociopath Robert D. Eldridge

has been scrutinzed on this blog elsewhere in conjunction with another right-ring publication also featuring Christopher Tate... 

In short, another Sasakawa Foundation funded (Diego Pellecchia, etc.) entity (i.e., media front) used to provide cover for covert state actors and falsely promote them in civil society.

In the meantime, here are three pages from a filing with the D.C. District Court setting forth a paragraph including a list of intelligence agency proprietary front companies including those operated by Bertrand.


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