Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Who is Hiroyasu Koma? (小間 裕康 of Green Lord Motors “fame”)

The next curiosity I’ll present from the intelligence community side show is another individual being promoted as an entrepreneur in the pseudo economy that the CIA and Ko-an-sho are trying to superimpose on Kyoto as a sort of Trojan Horse cover for infiltrating their finance sector cohorts and other suspects with disposable ill-gotten gain. I have yet to get around to the second installment about Fujiwara Kenshin yet (Makers Boot Camp, etc.), as there are just too many operations and operatives to cover, but Hiroyasu Koma is in the same vein as Kristopher Tate; i.e., a pseudo tech mogul with virtually no credible background story to support the flimsy cover for the vaunted ascent into tech-entrepreneur stardom as an “entrepreneur” that has crossed my newsfeed, catapulted into the public eye the CIA et al.’s media team. In fact, Koma is listed as an “angel investor” in Fujiwara’s startup Hacarus (https://angel.co/hacarus, https://angel.co/hacarus/jobs/147021-director-of-digital-marketing, https://angel.co/hiroyasu-koma), which was incubated by 500 Startups (see blogpost about James Riney).

Like Fujiwara, Koma is a suspected Ko-an-sho (公安省: Japanese combined CIA/FBI agency called the Public Security Intelligence Agency). It is a common thread running through the so-called covert operations that the operatives and their fronts are mutually supportive, attempting to portray themselves as collectively constituting an organic aggregate of sorts in civil society.

As described below, it is claimed that Koma started a temp agency while in college, and then went to Kyoto University to do an MBA, through which the company, Green Lord Motors (GLM), developing the “EV super car” to compete with Tesla, etc., was launched. A prototype of the purported EV super car was put on display last year, the price disclosed as @$400,000. Then, before one was ever sold (2019 marketing date), the presumed front company GLM was reportedly sold to another presumed front company (selling jewelry!??) out of Hong Kong (http://www.oluxe.com.hk/en/company-introduction) that was founded in 1989. 

There is no Japanese Wikipedia page on this individual, but there is for the company developing the supercar: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/GLM_(%E4%BC%81%E6%A5%AD). The first thing he is credited with doing on the following (somewhat dubious Wikipedia-like) website is reincarnating a so-called “legendary” sports car (Tommykaira ZZ (Japanese only): https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%88%E3%83%9F%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AB%E3%82%A4%E3%83%A9%E3%83%BBZZ) produced in Kyoto during the 1990s as an electric car in 2014. The aforementioned website (http://zatrendnews.com/6959.html)

describes Koma as being from Hyogo Prefecture, and having played in a piano duo in college, through which he met the founder temp agency Pasona (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasona). It states that Koma proceeded to start his own temp agency for dispatching musicians, and that he got a job at an electronics store to fund his temp agency, whereupon he found that the electronics store lacked staff, so he started dispatching temp workers there. It claims that he sold that company to another company, then started an outsourcing company for home appliance manufacturers. Then it states that he started a sales promotion company in 2000 called Koma Enterprises, which achieved sales of 2 billion yen in 2009, whereupon he entered an MBA program at Kyoto University.

The following NHK article also indicates that a “temp agency he started as a student” achieved annual sales of 2 billion yen (https://www.nhk.or.jp/keizai/archives/20161105_10.html):
Meanwhile, the Wayback Machine (Internet archive) has webpages for Koma Enterprises (https://www.koma-ent.com/) archived starting from 2004 (http://web.archive.org/web/20040815000000*/https://www.koma-ent.com/).
Apparently Koma has changed his name since then, as it reads 小間 博 (Koma Hiroshi) on the company description page archived in 2004: http://web.archive.org/web/20040318070239/https://www.koma-ent.com/

People in Japan almost never change their name…
But wait, it gets even worse. According to the data shown on that archived page, the company was established on January 11th in the year “Showa 36” (昭和36) according to the system of numbering years according to the reign of the emperor. So what year was Showa 36 by the Western calendar?


That presents a number of possibilities beyond the scope of speculation of this post regarding the company, such as that he might have inherited it from his father, for example (maybe his father was named “Hiroshi”). We don’t know anything about his family because there is no information online about the would-be Elon Musk of Japan… Regardless, such possibilities do not (and cannot) account for the fact that the media representations consistently lie about when the company was established (i.e., the year 2000). The name of the CEO was changed sometime between September 2007 and May 2008 (http://www.koma-ent.com:80/company/index.html):

Perhaps the information is being concealed because the aim is to portray Koma as an entrepreneur as opposed to a politically connected individual who inherited a company. The above-linked NHK article states that the $400,000 super car was created by a company with a staff of 22, but the explication of that is involved, so all I will say in closing this entry is that the company appears to own a grand total of one single patent related to motor vehicle chassis. The IP website that researched the company’s patent holdings questioned the value of that patent. That IP blog is in Japanese only, and I don't have time to translate it, but will post a screenshot: http://www.itopto.com/blog/?p=3532.

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