Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jessie Koumei and the Soka Gakkai sponsored cable TV broadcast "Why I live in Japan" on cable channel BS7

This initial posting consists of a view clips of the hour-long broadcast, with more clips and commentary to follow.

The purpose of posting now is to call attention to the Soka Gakai sponsorship of this pseudo-internationalization series featuring intelligence officers from different countries:

The Soka Gakkai is a pseudo-Buddhist (Nichiren-shu ripoff) that is associated with the CIA, Ko-an-sho, and yakuza (as usual, the unholy trinity, as it were).

I will examine the Soka Gakkai in more detail eventually, but suffice it to say that they have their ow n political party (the "Koumei-to") that is the coalition partner of the would-be State Shinto theocracy party the LDP (CIA installed, supported). 

Because of their support of the militaristic policies of the LDP, the Koumei-to has recently seen a fair number of defections from citizens whom had thought they were actual Buddhists, resulting in them losing five seats in the recent lower house Diet elections. One reason that the Soka Gakkai was established was to attempt to co-opt Nichiren Buddhism ( The background to that is somewhat involved, but encompasses two basic factors.

First, Nichiren Buddhism was a sect of Buddhism that came to prominence in the Kamakura period based on its political activism and protestations against the government. It was the sect that was the foremost proponent of the Mappo doctrine (decline of the Buddhist Dharma (law): 

In other words, it was a sort of Protestant sect of Buddhism that was highly politically active, earning its founder exile from Edo, etc. 

Second, unlike Korea, where the CIA was able to install a pseudo-Christian as the first president (Sung Man Rhee) and to subsequently back Reverend Sung Yung Moon and the creation of the Moonies to establish the largest presence of Christians (Evangelical Protestants) in East Asia in South Korea, Japan has remained impermeable to Christian proselytization, particularly of the Protestant variety. Only 1% of the population in Japan identifies as Christian, with the majority among them being Catholics, followed by Mormons. 

In short, I speculate that the Soka Gakkai is an attempt to co-opt the strongest protestant strain of Buddhism in Japan. For historical background, Oda Nobunaga ( had an affinity with Nichiren Buddhism and was betrayed by one of his own generals and ambushed at the Nichiren temple where he was staying in Kyoto called Honno-ji ( The background to that includes that the traitorous general had an affinity with the Tendai-shu temples that Nobunaga had raised on Mt. Hiei after their warrior monks had set fire to many Nichiren-shu temples in Kyoto.
Here, I will show the Soka Gakkai commercial shown repeatedly in this broadcast, and then the portions showing Yoshimura Koumei as well as her Tozan-ryu teacher, whom it appears I had mistakenly take to be her husband in earlier posts. Meanwhile, there is an older individual shown in the program that may be her husband, but I will try to confirm that before posting further clips and analysis.

We learn in the program that Jessie is from Berne, Switzerland, and that her uncle runs an aikido gym there.    

The first clip introduces the Soka Gakkai as sponsor before proceeding to air their commercial. 

The second clip I'll post for the time being is of the end of the program showing her having dinner with both of her shakuhachi teachers, one of whom I've known for years (Yoshimura Koumei, her current teacher:, and 茅原琮山 (according to the following blog, the reading of those characters is "Kayahara Sozan (Sōzan)":, but there are no hits Googling that name in English, and no hits Googling his Japanese name that aren't related to Jessie. That blog links to this video of her playing shakuhachi and him playing koto in April 2010: 

Both of them are suspected to work for the Japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency (Ko-an-sho [公安省]).


The third clip from that hour long program shows her visiting Yoshimura for a lesson.

Meanwhile, there had been a YouTuber posting videos from this cable channel BS7 series, but he removed them after I posted a link to the series in the last blog entry. He goes by the pseudonym David Bend:

I happened to be checking his site seeing if he would upload the Jessie video when he was making the others private. This screenshot is from before he's deleted all of them:

This screenshot is from after he made them private videos:

He is obviously an intelligence operative who was promoting them on YouTube. He had linked to a Facebook account (under another pseudonym), which I will upload the Friends data for in a subsequent post. 

Meanwhile, a couple of other individuals have posted individual episodes on YouTube, including episodes featuring Sheila Cliff
David Calvet:
and Mikel, from Poland:

None of those shows the Soka Gakkai commercials, though... I did see a Soka Gakkai website in Japanese website (which I had mistakenly assumed to be run by a Nichiren Buddhist group monitoring them) that links to some of their advertisements.
on a YouTube page called "Soka Gakkai CM and Contents that features a number of videos of Soka Gakkai produced commercials:
I hadn't expected that they were advertising their own advertisements, but that became apparent after I checked the main page of that website.

In addition, the cable channel BS7 has a YouTube page with 30 second clips from each of the episodes:
Here is the one for the Jessie Koumei episode:

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