Sunday, April 29, 2012

1st email to USA Osaka Consulate after initial phone call and visit

This is the first in a series of more than 20 emails that I've sent to the USA Consulate in Osaka since 2009, not to mention those I've sent to the DoJ's Criinal Division, to a Mr. Kevin Callahan. 

I will release portions of them in sequence, as I have time to provide a coherent narrative of the relevant portions. 

Mr. Shaefer-a man proud of his alma mater the Fletcher school-as I later came to understand, was in fact a CIA officer with diplomatic immunity, plying his trade of coordinating his subordinate officers in "the field" under the guise of a "Citizens' Services" representative. 

The list below exposes several American CIA officers and their local recruits (agents). For the time being, I have omitted a number of names from the list, but they may be revealed later. In the meantime, details on the names that are listed will be presented in the near future.

That's some service, Mr. Schaefer! I suppose you'll be expecting a medal.

Here's a little citizen's service of a different sort, in the name of civil society.

I hereby condemn you and everyone like you to the fruits of your labor.

Mr. Schaeffer,

Pardon me if I have happened to misspell your name, but I am assuming that my messages are reaching you.

I fail to see how non-responsiveness qualifies as fulfilling your duties to provide citizens’ services.

The matter at hand is of no light gravity and is something that I seek to resolve in the very near future.

Once again, I’m providing you with a partial list of people I allege to have been involved in systematic efforts to, shall we say, contain and isolate me socially and economically with the apparent objective of having me leave Kyoto; I expect you to confirm receipt of this message. Excuse the grandiose allusion to cold war policy, but as the individuals on the following list are by and large in the employ of the CIA and other national intelligence services, including a number of freemasons who have seemingly infiltrated law enforcement and perhaps other government agencies internationally, and are not above collaborating with international organized crime and engaging in criminal activities against citizens of the USA and hostile activities against allied countries, these allegations are serious.

Glenn Paquette
塚田芙貴子:       (090) 5572-0070 – Kyoto university student, entering Japanese Foreign Service
Anthony Blackman
Craig Corm(?): Canadian, English teacher, in Kyoto @5 years ago
Jamie Roughan

Osaka-Kobe, AmConGen
Dear Mr. *****,
I hereby confirm receipt of this e-mail and the e-mail you wrote on Monday.
I am sorry I was unable to respond sooner. Yesterday I was visiting an American in prison, and on Monday I was sorting through the personal effects of a young American who unexpectedly died of a heart attack and has no next-of-kin in this country.
Rest assured that I have taken your concerns on board and will pass them on through the appropriate channels.
I thank you again for the detailed information that you have provided.
Gary Schaefer
Chief, American Citizen Services Unit

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