Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fax sent to USA Department of Justice in February of 2012

The following is a slightly redacted version of a fax sent to the United States Department of Justice in February of this year.

The DoJ has not provided a single written response to any of the more than a hundred pages of documentation I've provided. 

While I can't say that there has been no progress, as Mr. Callahan eventually provided me with an email address that provided a little solace in that I could communicate somewhat directly and receive an automated acknowledgement, there has also been regress in the form of the individual making an unwelcome guest appearance in the previous post. 

What we have here in Kyoto is an infiltration and colonization of civil society by public officials in the capacity of officers of the Central intelligence Agency of the United States of America and the intelligence services of other countries converging on a historical and actively functional cultural center with the aim of supplanting that culture with debased forms that suit what can best be summarized as a form of corporatism (as in the pre-modern, feudalistic social configuration).Although I deleted a long post about JapanToday, as there were improvements made to the operation of that site, I may have to re-post that, apparently. Some of the statements are slightly bold, as it is very difficult to have these gray media outlets shut down, and it would appear that these organizations have developed a certain degree of immunity to having their identities exposed, that is to say, their cover as intelligence operatives exposed. With the exception of one individual in a high profile position in a high profile institution, most of them remain in this city, keeping a low profile, perhaps waiting. 

0101(202) 307-1379

Ms. McDowney
Mr. Callahan


Dear Ms. McDowney and Mr. Callahan,

I want to reiterate that Kyoto is and will remain my home, and I will not tolerate the presence of illicit media outlets and other debased activities by intelligence networks that have no legitimate business here. The primary business that the intelligence community should be interested in here is dismantling international organized crime networks, but the people I continually have to report are all trying to collaborate with organized crime, building new networks.

Civil society is a sphere that is protected under the law from government intervention, and that is the fundamental concept underpinning civil rights, to my understanding. Japan is a democratic state under constitutional rule of law. The people in the intelligence networks that I’m calling to account are in violation of many of the laws of Japan, not to mention the laws of the United States with respect to harassing Americans residing abroad.

As described in the emails below, I am going to pursue legal action against GPlus Media, which I have no doubt is a CIA affiliated company, and am in the stage of requesting information from them, which they are basically refusing to provide, an act that in and of itself is probably a violation. I have provided a basic outline of the reasons for my complaint in the following emails and on my blog. I have listed the two directors of the company that I believe to be CIA officers. It would also appear that the chief editor, Chris Betros, is also a CIA officer.

These people are much higher profile targets than individuals that have been used to infiltrate the education system.

(...) There is a squeeze here being perpetrated by the upper echelon of society trying to enlist or otherwise empower the lower strata of society as a force to counter the middle class, maintaining some sort of false stratification. (...) A large percentage of the ranks of organized crime groups in the area are reported to be of burakumin derivation, and I have reported that people like Glenn Paquette, Dan Douglass and other intelligence officers have been involved in networking with these people, and in Paquette’s case, deploying them as proxies against me.

I sort of represent the middle class here insofar as I’m not interested in achieving false status in a nepotistically stratified social order maintained by illegal activity on the part of person in the employ of one government agency or another.

With respect to JapanToday—which I will be blogging about continually—the aim would seem to be simply to blur the line between public and private, neutralizing their users’ desire to stay well informed about issues relating to society, diverting them to private pursuits, while they collude with others with access to confidential information in an attempt to bolster their position, which in turn confirms their position in the media market as a venture that has essentially undermined the functioning of the free press. Of course the only reason they would have been able to accomplish such a nefarious goal would have been through the abuse of the public office they hold.

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