Thursday, April 26, 2012

A CIA/MI6 led pincer assault on civil society in Japan

Basically the strategy that the Western intelligence agencies are using to try and sow disorder in Japanese society entails the recruiting and training of people from discontented groups. It is by and large a 2-pronged strategy employing people descended from Korean immigrants and the former burakumin out-caste. 

Kansai is a focal point because it is used to be a manufacturing center that became gutted, and the economy never recovered, in part due to the fact that it is also were the nation’s largest organized crime groups are based. Those groups consist of many members from the former outcast group, the burakumin, and Koreans, a substantial number of whom have chosen not to integrate into Japanese society (e.g., refusing to adopt the Japanese reading of the Chinese character’s in their names).

Among the people I’ve discussed on this blog, John Dougill and Eric Johnston have made themselves targets by publishing ludicrously false fabrications of disinformation aimed at raising the profile of the Koreans, presumably to impart a notion that they are entitled to some sort of recognition and a more prominent role in Japanese society. This would seem to indirectly inculcate an empathetic disposition toward the yakuza crime groups among foreigners coming into contact with the fairly ubiquitous presence of people affiliated in one way or another with the vast networks they have established.

Preston Houser and Dan Douglass are individuals who apparently are working to further the status of the burakumin—and thus indirectly advance their own status in the "intelligence community" by means of successfully deploying such proxies.

Aside from the expose on the four individuals described above, the national CIA-operated online news/commentary site JapanToday has been actively attempting to boost the profile and promote the agenda of the current mayor of Osaka, Hashimoto, an individual of burakumin derivation known for his affiliation with yakuza, and promoting a pernicious brand of decentralization, along the line of the so-called Tea Party and pseudo Federalists in the United States of America.

Kyoto is heavily infested with MI6 officers, as they seem intent on cultivating an association between the UK presence and the notion of monarchical loyalism, perhaps—as seen in Dougill’s ludicrous article on Sakamoto Ryoma in the now defunct MI6 gray media publication, Kansai Timeout, coupled with a pseudo-Shaminist ploy reaching out to the Fujiwara--channeling Ryoma, as it were. 

I hate to harp on Mr. Dougill (again, a PhD from Oxford in Slavic Studies), but his disinformation on Japan has no business being in print. The inane writings of people like Dougill on Shinto point to an effort on the part of the Freemason priest caste (the British royals are all purported to be inductees into the Freemasons) to cultivate a connection with the former Shinto priest caste clan the Fujiwara (the Northern House), surviving members of which would seem to think that they have some hereditary right to rule Japan.

I have also had to report CIA Freemasons, and one has recently been retired from his post at a prominent institution.

Aside from the Freemasons, it would seem that maybe the UK has an Irish catholic contingent active in the MI6, as there are an inordinately large number of Irish and English pubs here in Kyoto, and they don’t seem to be very profitable, so it is hard to see what sustains them. Perhaps the incongruent preponderance of such establishments is related to an organized crime connection between Irish crime groups and the yakuza—as there are basically no other foreign bars to speak of—or they are subsidized by the MI6 in order to bolster the British presence in Kyoto.

In either case, the basically exclusive occupation of the foreigner operated drinking establish market in Kyoto by grubby British/Irish pubs is suspect, to say the least, and yakuza muscle coupled with UK hooligans—whether they are MI6 officers or not—is likely a component in that equation.

Ponderosa that, ranch hand: an unholy alliance between
Protestant/Jewish Freemasons and Irish Catholics; an alliance between organized crime groups in the UK and Japan; or all of the above! It’s cornucopia of sociopaths.

The fact that the individual running the blog promoting all of the above-described individuals and businesses is a smug Irishman named Michael Lambe would seem to support the interconnectedness asserted above, as he is basically another example of someone who also appears to have nothing marginally substantial in the way of achievement to show, unless you consider being a sociopathic PR man fronting for the MI6 an accomplishment. And the somewhat overproduced blog would seem to be a product of the Western intelligence agencies grey media machine conglomerate in Kyoto, which includes every publication promoted on that blog. 

Alas, it would appear that the MI6 is trying to portray Mr. Lambe as a social activist, much like the recent case of undercover officers used to infiltrate environmental activist groups in Britain.

It is a sham attempt to colonize civil society by crass bureaucrats in the so-called intelligence community seeking to better serve their corporatist masters.

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