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Report to State Department Office of Inspector General and Result

The emails/letter following this introduction are presented in reverse chronological order.

After discovering that it had become possible to submit a report to the Department of State's Office of the Inspector General via email, I did so. The reply was prompt, and satisfactory. It simply stated that the matter should be handled by the CIA IG, instead. I consider that to encompass an implicit acknowledgement that Mr. Schaefer is a CIA officer working under diplomatic cover, and not an actual diplomat, or Foreign Service Officer. 

It bears pointing out that conspiracy to commit a crime is in and of itself a separate crime, and conspiracy to cover up a conspiracy is a crime, aside from the substantive criminal acts that are the object of the conspiracy.

At any rate, insofar as there is an implicit acknowledgement in the response I received from the State Department Office of the Inspector General in relation to my complaint about Gary Schaefer—who is currently the Political Officer at the US Embassy in Tokyo—it seems clear that Mr. Schaeffer is a “case officer” in the CIA, and that he was coordinating the actions of the “field officers” whom I was complaining about, while simultaneously shielding them from scrutiny by the CIA Office of Inspector General.

There are a couple of embassy blog entries, chronologically. 

Gary Schaefer is a Political Officer who has been working at Japan's Foreign Ministry since September 2011 as part of the annual Baker-Kato Diplomatic Exchange Program. 

Gary Schaefer presently works in the Foreign Ministry International Press Division. He is excited about this assignment because before he joined the U.S. Foreign Service he worked in Japan for seven years as a journalist for Associated Press and Bloomberg. Upon completion of his year as an exchange diplomat, Gary will join the Embassy Tokyo Political Section working on Japanese domestic politics”.

And here is an article written by Mr. Schaefer, as political officer.

I recently have been pursuing the case via various avenues, but have had no luck in finding an attorney willing to take the case. In fact, the Lawyer Referral Service of the DC Bar Association claims that they don’t have any attorneys on their list that could handle this case. I’ve contacted other organizations, but the political dimension seems to be a factor. No one, apparently, wants to sue the CIA or DOJ unless they can score partisan points in the process. Washington DC is looking more and more like a hub of white collar crime, not government.

From: xxx (OIG) []
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 6:31 AM
Subject: Customer Service Letter - OIG Hotline Complaint No. H20141106

Dear Mr. X:
The OIG has reviewed your complaint and we have determined that the appropriate agency to address your concerns is the Central Intelligence Agency, Office of Inspector General (CIA/OIG).  Your information has been forwarded to that office for action; reference number H20141106.
Please contact CIA/OIG for any future inquiries regarding this matter, reference hotline number H20141106.  You may contact the agency by mail at:
Office of Inspector General
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C. 20505

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. 

OIG Hotline Staff
U.S. Department of State
Office of Investigations

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

Dear Inspector General,

I’m submitting this report is in relation to events from approximately five years ago, in 2009, as seen from the exchange of emails that I appended to a notice of intent to litigate sent to Secretary of State Kerry on June 1, 2014.

The then Citizens Services Officer at the Osaka Consulate in Japan, Gary Schaefer (currently Political Officer in Tokyo), would appear to have misused his official position by misleading me instead of providing me with the services due to American citizens overseas from the agency with which he was invested.

More specifically, he did not indicate that the proper (apparently only) channel for me to submit a complaint about misconduct, etc., of officers in the CIA is through the Office of the Inspector General of the CIA (hereafter referred to simply as CIA OIG). Instead, after my persistent followup to his utter lack responsiveness, he told me to:
Rest assured that I have taken your concerns on board and will pass them on through the appropriate channels.”

In fact, the problems only became worse from that point forward. Having subsequently learned through the office of Senator Feinstein and the like that the proper course for reporting abuse and illegal activity of the CIA is through the CIA OIG, and in light of the fact that the State Department has in the past year cut off all personal email contact between the Citizens Services Officer and me, resorting to automated responses, I suspect that Gary Schaefer—and perhaps the others holding the post of Citizens Services Officer (e.g., Sylbeth Kennedy) or acting in the capacity thereof (e.g., Marc Snyder) with whom I exchanged emails—failed to provide me the correct (and one would assume required by regulation) information about a matter as serious as alleged misconduct against an American citizen by officers in the CIA and their proxies.

Having read a fair amount about CIA operations (case officers, non-official cover, etc.), and watched television footage of US diplomat Ryan Fogel being exposed in Moscow as a CIA case officer and deported, I am convinced that Gary Schaefer is in fact an officer in the Central Intelligence Agency operating with diplomatic immunity under the cover of the Department of State.

If that is indeed the case, the misconduct and misuse of office demonstrated by the statements in his email not only represent a grave violation of my right that has resulted in years of continual trouble that should have been curtailed thenceforth, but also a clear conflict of interest in allowing an officer in the CIA to hold the post of Citizens Services Officer. That, in and of itself is a systemic flaw that creates conditions enabling the CIA to violate the rights of America citizens overseas while preventing such citizens from seeking assistance through the public office that has been created under the Department of State expressly for that purpose at diplomatic missions overseas.

I’m aware of the fact that I am not the first private American citizen to have problems with the CIA overseas, so it is inconceivable that preventative measures have not been implemented. Otherwise, there would likely be culpable gross negligence spread across more than one branch of government.

Furthermore, it is clear that where there is a possibility of CIA officers undertaking covert operations coming into contact with America citizens in civil society overseas, particularly in economically developed democratic countries, there exists the possibility of a conflict occurring due to the incompatibility of the mode for carrying out the agenda of the CIA in civil society and the activities of private citizens in civil society. It goes without saying that the rights and Constitutional prerogatives of private American citizens take priority under the law.

From what I can gather about publically available knowledge on CIA operations, it would seem that the officers with diplomatic immunity serve as supervisors coordinating the activities of officers in the field; accordingly, there is a high probability that Schaefer was shielding officers in the field from scrutiny of the CIA OIG.

I also intend to submit a much more substantial report to the CIA OIG, but I hope that you take this report under consideration not only with respect to possible disciplinary measures, but also systemic reform. If the CIA requires officers with diplomatic immunity, at the very least, the office of Citizens Services Officer should be an office to which CIA officers are prohibited from holding.


P.S. For your reference, I’ve appended hereunder the entirety of the aforementioned notice of intent to litigate along with the emails attached thereto.

June 1, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520


Dear Secretary of State Kerry,
In relation to the complaints which I have heretofore made via the Osaka Consulate and DOJ related to harassment by CIA officers, etc., in addition to the failure to prevent further harassment, etc., by officers of the CIA, etc., please be informed that it is my intention to file a federal lawsuit against the CIA, the DOJ, and the Department of State.
              With respect to the Department of State, in particular, it has come to my attention that complaints such as mine should be filed with the Office of the Inspector General at the CIA, but no such information was supplied to me by any of the several citizens’ services officers at the U. S. Consulate in Osaka with whom I’ve interacted with personally over the course of several years in relation to the matter at hand. That is most likely because said citizens’ services’ officers were in fact CIA officers with diplomatic cover that were both coordinating the illegal actions of the CIA officers in the field against me as well as shielding them from scrutiny.
That would seem to comprise the deliberate implementation of a strategically planned bureaucratic configuration aimed at subverting the capacity of US government agency to fulfill its designated role, namely, of providing citizens’ services to American living in abroad, while supplanting that role with a criminally culpable subversive role. Insofar as it encompasses the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency, it would seem to also embody coordination at the highest levels of the executive branch.
The above-described problem undoubtedly predates the Obama administration, and in fact, the subterfuge launched against me was hatched under the administration of GW Bush, long before Barack Obama was elected to the presidency.
Nonetheless, I have suffered the effects of CIA malfeasance continuously, even after reporting the problem almost five years ago during the Obama administration, and it is me that is going to bring this to the light of day and put an end to the pernicious practices that would place an American citizen deemed an obstacle to CIA officers aiming to carry out subversive covert programs of questionable legality against an allied nation that would be extremely harmful to the credibility of the USA if exposed.
I have attached a print out of a brief email exchange after I visited the U. S. Consulate in Osaka personally to make the complaint for your reference. Note that nowhere is there mention of reporting the matters to the Office of the Inspector General at the CIA.
              I note that the matters at hand occurred while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and that during your tenure practice has changed, with automated email responses and the name of the American Citizens’ Services Officer not being revealed.
              Clearly there is something of a breakdown scenario in the internal system of checks and balances with respect to the illicit activities of intelligence officers in allied countries, and the dysfunction extends into the diplomatic corps responsible for providing “citizens’ services” to Americans living abroad.
Accordingly, it has fallen upon me to have to engage the judicial branch in order both to seek redress for the wrongs I’ve suffered at the hands of the abovementioned culprits and restore integrity to the system of checks and balances.
              This case not only demonstrates that the presence of such so-called deep cover intelligence officers in high positions in civil society poses a serious threat to the well-being of private American citizens such as me pursuing our livelihoods in a normal and lawful manner within civil society in a foreign country, it proves that such officers infiltration of civil society poses an existential threat to the very fabric of civil society.
              I have gone so far as to contact my congressional representative, to little avail. Thus, the only recourse—aside of public opinion—is the judicial system.
              Furthermore, as you may be aware, I made an offer of my services to the CIA in 2009. I was rebuffed and the efforts against me redoubled, undoubtedly with participation of CIA officers stationed at the Osaka Consulate.
              I applaud efforts taken by the Obama administration against Japanese organized crime groups, but those efforts have only an indirect relationship to the complaint at hand.
              Aside from the basic legal prohibitions provided for in the National Security Act, etc., against CIA officers’ acting against private American citizens, there are questions that are of a broader scope encompassing civil liberties and “the pursuit of happiness” by American citizens.
              Neither being an attorney nor having consulted with an attorney in relation to this case yet, I hereby explicitly reserve any and all manner of legal recourse provided for under any and all applicable laws in relation to any and all violations committed against me by officers of the CIA and other agencies of the government of the United States of America, their recruits and/or associates acting in collusion therewith.
              Prior to filing a suit in federal court, it is my desire to attempt a good faith resolution of this matter. If this is your desire as well, please contact me in writing no later than June 31, 2014.


RE: Rougue CIA agents in Kyoto, e.g. Glen Paquette, et al
From: Osaka-Kobe, AmConGen (
Sent:   Wed 9/16/09 7:10 AM

Dear Mr. X,
I hereby confirm receipt of this e-mail and the e-mail you wrote on Monday.
I am sorry I was unable to respond sooner. Yesterday I was visiting an American in prison, and on Monday I was sorting through the personal effects of a young American who unexpectedly died of a heart attack and has no next-of-kin in this country.
Rest assured that I have taken your concerns on board and will pass them on through the appropriate channels.
I thank you again for the detailed information that you have provided.
Gary Schaefer
Chief, American Citizen Services Unit

Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 2:19 PM
To: Osaka-Kobe, AmConGen
Subject: Rougue CIA agents in Kyoto, e.g. Glen Paquette, et al

Mr. Schaeffer,

Pardon me if I have happened to misspell your name, but I am assuming that my messages are reaching you.

I fail to see how non-responsiveness qualifies as fulfilling your duties to provide citizens’ services.

The matter at hand is of no light gravity and is something that I seek to resolve in the very near future.

Once again, I’m providing you with a partial list of people I allege to have been involved in systematic efforts to, shall we say, contain and isolate me socially and economically with the apparent objective of having me leave Kyoto; I expect you to confirm receipt of this message. Excuse the grandiose allusion to cold war policy, but as the individuals on the following list are by and large in the employ of the CIA and other national intelligence services, including a number of freemasons who have seemingly infiltrated law enforcement and perhaps other government agencies internationally, and are not above collaborating with international organized crime and engaging in criminal activities against citizens of the USA and hostile activities against allied countries, these allegations are serious.

Glen Paquette
塚田芙貴子:       (090) 5572-xxxx – Kyoto university student, entering Japanese Foreign Service
Brad Croft(?): Australian, formerly employed by wine/spirits distributor
Anthony Blackman
Mike: 50s, white hair, English teacher, guitar, tai-chi
Yoshiyuki:         (090) 3651-xxxx
Motaz: Kyoto University, Robotics Engineering, Palestinian
Craig Corm(?): Canadian, English teacher, in Kyoto @5 years ago
Sasha Peterka
工藤 麻歩
Jamie Roughan

Sent:   Mon 9/14/09 6:25 AM
Dear Mr. Schaeffer,
Thank you for speaking with me the other day. I normally wouldn’t go to such extremes, but given the state of affairs here and the harassment and outright physical assaults I’ve been subjected to for the past 6-7 years, it has become necessary that I bring this matter to the fore and address those concerned head on.
I had been naively hoping to receive an email from you, but understand that under the circumstances it may either be a little bit soon, or simply not something that would be forthcoming at all.
In any case, I do keep to a schedule of sorts myself, so I would like to receive an email from you in order to document the event of my telephone call and subsequent visit and discussion, as well as the nature of the subject matter.
By the way, I did look up the Fletcher school, and it seems like quite an interesting institution. I myself pursued an interdisciplinary course at UC Berkeley as an undergrad. I was wondering if you had the opportunity to do any research in relation to the topic of “civil society” while you were there. That is one of the spheres that I did a little writing about as an undergrad.

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