Saturday, October 18, 2014

The CIA has requested permission to delete emails of officers not of high rank

The proposal amounts to, in my case, an attempt to destroy evidence, which is clearly basically all I have been able to present as material evidence in the case.

This is another blatant attempt to obstruct justice, and another example of how Washington DC is a hub of white collar crime.

The article is here: 

In particular, there are undoubtedly emails of the follwing individuals, in particular, that would be material evidence of conspiracy, etc., in the present case:

Sasha Peterka
Glenn Paquette
Anthony Blackman
Jamie Roughan
Gary Schaefer
Marc Snider
Sylbeth Kennedy
A.J. Dickinson
Falun Gung Mike 

For the record, since I don't know Falun Gung Mike's real name, here is a photo of him from August 19th, before I posted the entry on A.J Dickinson. He was leading a group in Tai Chi, encroaching on the area where I often practice music. 

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