Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who Is Colin P. A. Jones?

Could he be a CIA officer that teaches law at Doshisha University in Kyoto and writes a propaganda column purportedly based on law for the Japan Times? 

I’m convinced that he is exactly that, but I’ll let my readers draw their own conclusions.

Here are three recent articles he has had published.

One is outright propaganda aimed at influencing the political atmosphere related to the negotiations surrounding the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is a proposed trade agreement that seeks to benefit American finance and big Agribusiness, first and foremost:

The most recent piece has nothing whatsoever to do with law, but Japan-bashing encompassing railing against children trying out their broken English greetings on foreigners:

Another addresses the rights of foreigners, and perhaps includes a veiled attempt at intimidation of people like myself engaged in exposing sociopaths in the CIA:

As a long-term resident of Japan with a family, I am duly concerned with the operations of pernicious organizations like the CIA. I am aware of probably ten or so writers for the Japan Times that are in all likelihood CIA officers. Stay tuned for further presentation of such individuals. 

Incidentally, there is a 5-part interview with him on Youtube for anyone interested. It might be your only chance to see an active CIA officer (in my opinion) in action, in this case, perhaps engaged in a public relations campaign of sorts...  The site of the individual that posted the material probably bears scrutinizing, but I don't have spare time for that.

In the first clip of the interview it is readily apparent that he is reticent about revealing much about his background in Japan, but more importantly, perhaps, his background as an attorney in the USA. He answers that he was an attorney in New York, and that his area was commercial law, not public law. What kinds of cases do lawyers in  NYC that specialize in commercial law handle? Well, of course they handle cases related to Wall St. Could it be that Mr. Jones has a background connected to Wall St.? That would account for his over-the-top bombastic defense of the cretins at Goldman Sachs. And that would possible connect him to the finance sector in Tokyo--but he is withholds any description as to that background. It goes without saying that he may have been active in the background relating to the problems I've detailed with Sasha Peterka and Jamie Roughan, two CIA officers with connections to Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers, respectively, in Tokyo.

A google search returns a couple of results with minimal background info. According to this link he was part of a law firm in NYC.
According to a paper he published in 2008, he is "admitted to practice in New York, Guam, and the Republic of Palau (inactive status)"
According to another paper published in 2005, he is "Associate Professor, Doshisha University Law School. A.B., U.C. Berkeley 1986; LL.M., Tohoku University 1990; J.D. and LL.M., Duke University School of Law."
So, it looks like he is an attorney with a background in commercial law that was picked up by the CIA and made Americas point man on the child abduction issue, which is, of course, a public law issue.

He has been on my radar for some time now, but there was no reason to write a blogpost exposing his activity until he recently had the so-called "white propaganda" pieces published in the Japan Times. 

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