Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Who are AirBnB (aka "Minpaku") Operators Avi Lugasi (Mossad?) and Wendy Li (Chinese intelligence?)???? ------ PLACEHOLDER

I am far to busy to assemble any of the several blogposts on deck (some for months, including one about Liberty Church Kyoto), but this couple of suspected intelligence officers just set up an AirBnb in my neighborhood, so it is time to subject them to public scrutiny. 

Fairly strict laws have recently been promulgated to prevent disruption of residents daily lives by the neoliberal funny-money financed "intelligence" operatives and their so-called tourist guests (also comprised largely of travelling "intelligence" operatives), so I will have to ensure that the "intelligence" sociopaths trying to infiltrate this neighborhood are in compliance with those laws.

These few links are all I can provide at the moment, but the place they recently opened on my block is this:

But the real owner is the Israeli Mossad agent, at least he is listed in the archived, original webpages:

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