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Who is Drew Miller (and Jon Levy?), formerly of the CIA’s Liberty Church Kyoto??

Miller is a suspected CIA cohort of Wogsland’s whom the CIA de-camped, as it were, from Kyoto shortly after I began researching them and archiving their webpages in the first half of 2015, including this webpage (archived May 29, 2015):
Miller still maintains a blog and YouTube page (the blog was also archived…):

Wogsland introduces Miller on the Liberty Church blog followed by Jon Levy, one of the hereditary intelligence officers (i.e., offspring of intelligence officers that subsequently became intelligence operatives) I’ve encountered, a phenomenon that most definitely merits its own dedicated post—at some point (
It seems like God has blessed the new church so much. In the last few months a number of people have joined up even though the church’s official start isn't until October. Very exciting for us is that a couple named Drew and Eriko Millar (with baby daughter Mika) have joined as our worship pastors. They are very talented and really have a heart for God and for Kyoto. Please pray for them as they plan a move to Kyoto and Drew searches for work to support themselves.

Another person who joined is Jon Levy. Now, I don’t plan to mention every person that joins the church but Jon is one seriously cool guy! Born and bred in Kyoto to missionary parents, he is a hugely talented professional musician and all round blessing to our church. Please check him out at
In the build-up to our Grand Opening in October we have been eagerly seeking a venue as Mike’s house is too small. We have viewed a few dance studios and believe that we have found just the right place in central Kyoto. A number of pastors and guests from our sister church in the US will make the trip as well as many friends from various churches in Japan. It seems that everyone is excited about a new church plant in Kyoto. We recently hosted a seminar led by Topi Kivimaki, the founder of YWAM in Japan. He, and many others, have prayed for this city for years and they all tell us that now is the time for Kyoto! We feel like there is currently a LOT of momentum! Praise God!
The folllowing paragraph is excerpted from the Court filing posted in its entirety on the entry introducing Wogsland and Liberty Church Kyoto.
9. Here, digressing momentarily to explicate an aspect of one of the above-described networks, Plaintiff will trace connections of Drew Miller (“Miller”). Roche attended Berklee College of Music along with Jonathan Levy (“Levy”:, a Kyoto born and raised son of suspected Australian intelligence officers ( who were missionaries according to this webpage: Both Roche and Levy are being promoted as quasi-professional musicians in the Kanto (Tokyo) area. Miller is an Evangelical Christian musician who wrote a song ( for the opening of the Liberty Church Kyoto (, which has a makeshift chapel in a building about a kilometer south of Plaintiff’s residence ( Said Church has since deleted biographical information on Miller from their website, but that has been archived: The archived page states, “God called Drew to Japan right after college after several mission trips to Japan.” Miller describes himself on Facebook ( as an “Entertainer at the Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto”, which is about 500 meters from Plaintiff’s residence, and he is also connected to the Roche-Levy network (again: via said church, etc. The Evangelical Christian musician Miller has, in fact, been hired by the Ritz Carlton to perform three times weekly in one of their lounges (no English: This video, called “First time jam session of Liberty Church Kyoto” features Miller, Miller’s wife, and Levy playing music together ( Here is another video of Levy appearing with suspected CIA officer Mike Wogsland (“Wogsland”), who is the pastor of said church: from Levy—who has recently moved to Australia—there is a connection to Australia through a missionary, Topi Kivimaki (“Kivimaki”), from Brisbane, with 41 years of missionary activity in Korea, Japan, the Philippines, etc.
Roche, incidentally, is the son of Charles Roche, the suspected CIA operative running the café front called Papa John’s that has been addressed here primarily with respect to the event hosted there called “The Flame” promoting local intelligence operatives as pseudo-cultural figures.
The following photo (submitted to the Court) is of the father and son CIA team along with Levy at the café.

Wogsland maintains another page—described in the above-quoted paragraph—introducing the participants in his so-called church, including a couple from Ireland in addition to the Millers and Levy (this content has since been deleted, but was archived: 

The following two screenshots are from one of the videos described above.

The first shows Levy and Miller performing at Liberty Church Kyoto:

The second shows their credits in the video:

More insights into the CIA/MI6 (i.e., Anglo-American (not to mention Scandinavian...)) Evangelical Christian missionary infiltration modus operandi can be gleaned here from audio files (have not delved into these yet):

The following is a screenshot of an archived version of Miller's Facebook page, indicating that he was working at the Ritz Carlton, and that he had lef his job at Liberty Church (2015):
This is a screenshot of his current Facebook page ( As mentioned above, Mr. Miller and his family have since left Kyoto, and currently reside in Redding, CA, where Drew is studying at Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry (

The following are images of the Court filing related to Miller and a color version of the archived webpage of the Kyoto Ritz Carlton. 

The Ritz Carlton’s hiring of a persona such as Mr. Miller is extremely curious in and of itself—and suspect, to say the least—and the hotel chain has been mentioned numerous times with respect to Japan in relation to the fact that its Tokyo branch is located across the street from the corporate HQ of Japan’s third largest organized crime syndicate, as per the excerpts below. Before looking at those, however, the recent history of the “brand” itself merits some scrutiny:

Curiously, the English language Wikipedia page makes no mention of the Japan branches of the hotel, but there is a page on the Japanese language Wikipedia for the Tokyo branch, which indicates that it was opened in March, 2007. Meanwhile, the corporate websites of the Ritz Carlton in both English and Japanese provide no background information on the Tokyo and Kyoto branches whatsoever.

Japanese Wikipedia:

Several of the following articles are credited to Jake Adelstein, and appear in a range of well-known publications. The last article quoted is by another journalist, but indicates the date of the establishment of the corporate HQ of the organized crime syndicate, said date being 1972.
The Yakuza and the Nuclear Mafia: Nationalization Looms for TEPCO

"TEPCO's involvement with anti-social forces and their inability to filter them out of the work-place is a national security issue," a Japanese Senator with the Liberal Democratic Party said on background.


The Inagawa-kai, the third largest organized crime group in Japan, with offices across from the Tokyo Ritz Carlton has also been involved in the reconstruction efforts.
The Yakuza Lobby

How Japan's murky underworld became the patron and power broker of the ruling party that intended to clean up politics.

…The largest yakuza group, the Kobe-based Yamaguchi-gumi, has 39,000 members. The Inagawa-kai, the group most closely tied to former Justice Minister Tanaka, has 10,000 members and is based in Tokyo. Its offices are across from the Ritz-Carlton.
The Coming Yakuza War

The Inagawa-kai, Japan’s second-largest yakuza group, has its offices across from the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.
Japan's Once Influential Yakuza Lose Their Grip
By Yann Rousseau April 07, 2016

TOKYO - The building is brown and narrow. The old, worn blinds are closed. This is the Roppongi neighborhood in the heart of Tokyo, just opposite the prestigious Ritz-Carlton. At exactly 10 a.m., three men, all in their forties and wearing stylish grey suits, welcome a passenger in a black sedan. They bow curtly. He is probably a "kobun," one of the godfather's partners. He is escorted under umbrellas inside the six-story building, where Japan's third-largest yakuza organization, the Inagawa-kai, has been established since 1972.

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