Thursday, March 9, 2017

Who are Edoardo Savoia, Denis De Marchi, and Pietro Zanotto of S4W (StraightforWorld)???

Like several others described in posts over the past couple of years, they are suspected intelligence officers (Italy’s AISE: that contacted me via the JAT (Japan Association of Translators) website, ostensibly in relation to translation work. In fact they contacted me in basically the same time frame that Patricia Pringle did, which coincided with my discussing the need to further explicate the infiltration of the Noh by the CIA et al. in relation to Diego Pellecchia. Pellecchia, it will be recalled, hails from northern Italy, and is associated with the Milan branch of the International Noh institute affiliated with the Kongo school of Noh, the theater of which is about a kilometer from our apartment and which I have visited to see performances of traditional Japanese dance by the teacher with whom I sometimes collaborate.

Savoia, De Marchi, and Zannoto are all from northern Italy, which likely represents a connection to the suspected Italian intelligence officer Pellecchia.

Pringle, it will be recalled, was also associated with the International Institute of Noh, having studied under the same teacher as John McAteer, the CIA officer who attempted to recruit me to join his production of a Robert Frost poem in Noh form, an incident I described in court filings.

About a month after I worked with De Marche for two days in Kyoto, I developed a strange, itchy skin rash. I’ve never had such a rash before, and it has since spread to my whole family, whom have all been treated by the dermatologist of at least one clinic. One of the doctor’s diagnosed my condition as a rare skin condition thought to be caused by the only test item—a type of bacteria—for which the blood tests have returned a positive result. Do I think that these people tried to use a biological agent against me? It’s a distinct possibility, but I can’t say for sure yet, as it does not seem to be realistically possible to definitively identify the cause with the laboratory work normally conducted by hospitals in such cases. Suffice it to say, however, that the rare condition I have been diagnosed with is not one that I’ve seen reported for children, though it is clear that we all have been infected with the same microbe, showing slightly different symptoms. I probably wouldn't be bothering to post about these individuals before other topics/people if it weren't for the coincidence of the work in Kyoto and Osaka with De Marchi and the subsequent onset of the skin condition.

These people hired me to do a market survey for after-market parts for Mercedes Benz, and two of them work for different companies than the company S4W, which seems to be a front company that serves as a means of cover for facilitating their intelligence related work. Only one of the individuals listed on the S4W webpage was involved with the project (Zannoto), and De Marche and Savoia aren’t mentioned anywhere, though Savoia’s LinkedIn page does include a reference. They didn’t pay me on time, and only paid me after I threatened to post everything online, but even then, the payment was $700 less than it was supposed to be. It was followed with another time wasting proposal, perhaps aiming to impede my ability to prosecute the lawsuit.

This is the initial contact from Savoia, whom never responded to emails once Zanotto started communicating with me.

That email is self-evidently from S4W with Savoia representing himself as a member of the company, but he actually works for another company, as seen on his LinkedIn page. He does, however, describe himself as a "business angel" of StraightforWorld on his LinkedIn page (7th page below).

I had to email Savoia (and his boss, too: Carlo Fois) at his actual employer in order to get paid.

Straghtforworld is listed as a translation agency on the following website:

Zanotto works for the following company:

De Marchi is something of a mystery man, the only information online about him being from Facebook (doesn't describe his employment). I should scan his business card and upload that image (eventually).

I took this image at Toji temple in Kyoto.

Once I suspected that they were intelligence officers, I questioned De Marchi on Facebook Messenger, but he never replied.

Zanotto is a man of many faces on Facebook.

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