Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Swiss Connection: Who are the Durnings (Heidi S., Quentin, Ryan, Chandra, etc.)?? [SKETCH]

I don't have time to expound at present, but want to put up a little of the scaffolding...

Heidi S. ( in turn, apparently has 4 children: 

Ryan ( 

Quentin (

Chandra (, and 

Heidi (

Moreover, they are connected to the network described in the lawsuit (e.g., Einarsen, Roche, Berglund, Barr), They represent perhaps the most conspicuous of the hereditary inheritance of federal office among the CIA et al. of the sort I have described in court filings with respect to an old army buddy (Bruce Taylor and his son Ryan) as well as Kyoto denizens including the Durning associates the Roche family (son was in Tokyo last I checked), the Einarsen family (son returned to USA) and the Levy family (son returned to Australia). I will also examine another conspicuously suspect CIA et al. family (American) with a more academic bend, the Swanson’s (Paul, Karin, Mark, Eric Haruki Swanson). 

Many of the names seen on the friends list of Ms. Durning will be familiar from this blog and/or the lawsuit.

Mike Barr, John Einarsen,  Nicole Porter, Peter Golightly, Robert Yellin

Alex Kerr, Blake Crawford (graduate of the Global College Friends World Program CIA front affiliated with Long Island University (i.e., former employer of Preston Houser, Dan Douglass, Sasha Ashburne, Barbara Stein (, Blake's mother, Linda Crawford (friends with Dan Douglass), Peter McIntosh, John Hart Benson

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