Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Who are the Swanson’s? (Paul, Karin, Yuko, Jeff, Mark, Eric Haruki, Yukari Inoue, Sophia, and James)?? INTRO

In order to elucidate the institutional instantiation of a neo-feudalistic societal order by the so-called “intelligence community” headed by the United States own CIA (perhaps under the influence of British imperialists?), it is necessary to do an expose on this extended family, which appears to include no fewer than six intelligence operatives.

The group is too large to handle in a single post, and I only intend to examine a couple of individuals in any detail. Paul Swanson appears to have had children with Karin Swanson, presumably his first wife, and Yuko Swanson, presumed to be his current wife.

I’ve had Mark on the radar for a number of years, and he has shown up at the Starbucks during the day on numerous occasions and is an associate of Dan Douglass, a defendant in the lawsuit. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I was able to subject him to further scrutiny, discovering the extent of his family, etc. I will mention in passing that his family is connected to another CIA family in the form of mother and son pair Cindy and Mark Mullins, currently of Auckland, New Zealand. I may have something to say about Mark Mullins in conjunction with Paul Swanson, as they have published together.

On December 31, 2016, after seeing Mark Swanson at the café and being somewhat tiered of the silent menacing presence of the CIA, I sent him an insulting message through Facebook, whereupon he hid information and apparently contacted his brother, Eric Haruki, whom he must have convinced to delete his Facebook account. I had already archived most of that, however, and his Friends list is posted below.  

This INTRO will end with the following links to Facebook pages and the archived material for Eric Haruki (40 images). The next post will briefly introduce Paul and Karin.

Karin Swanson (N/A)

Eric Haruki Swanson (deleted, posted below)

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