Sunday, October 8, 2017

"Find Your Element": The latest suspected CIA/Ko-an-sho (公安省)/MI6 pseudo-religion/pseudo-culture front to cross my news feed

This site ( is the latest suspected CIA/公安省(Ko-an-sho)/MI6/et al. front to show up on my news feed is this website, which advertises a talk that featured Jake Adelstein ( during the same time frame that I was blogging about him (Fall 2016).

 It seems a little strange that these people (i.e., including known entities, some of whom have already been blogged about) keep showing up in my news feed, and maybe they are intended as bait to divert me from devoting more energy to blogging about the younger, not-yet-known (i.e. identity disclosed) generation in the neo-feudalistic putsch by the CIA et al. to establish the so-called intelligence services as a quasi-hereditary estate. 

I’ll get back to some of the individuals in their 20s that are offspring of people otherwise mentioned on this blog soon enough, but I believe that noting the interference in cultural affairs with this group is particularly poignant, given the nature of the diversity of the collectivity thereof.

Who is Elmar Weinmayr?

The individual that showed up in my newsfeed is a German guy、Elmar Weinmayr, ( who I see prowling about my neighborhood from time to time, apparently on security detail. 

He was a pseudo-scholar (philosophy) that currently operates a gallery part time (

and has a condo being advertised for AirBnB purposes ( 

He is being marketed as a "Classic Homeopath" by Find Your Elelment.

I’ve blogged about the neoliberalist psychologism/self-help/new-age/pseudo-religion covert actions aimed at interfering with cultural affairs here in Japan numerous times, so some of the themes will be familiar, and I don’t have time to examine these individuals presently, aside from mentioning one or two in passing.

Who is Jay Ponazeki?

This collection of suspected intelligence operative sociopaths may strike some of you for their fakeness on first impression; nonetheless, there are a couple whom I should delve into a little in more detail here, starting with Jay Ponazeki: (Or is it Ponazaki, as in te photo caption?) We are told that she is a "positive thinker". Are you skeptical? I wonder if she's also a "motivational speaker"?

Ms. Ponazeki, a suspected covert CIA operative, is currently head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo:

She is a former partner, however, at the law firm (Morrison and Foerster: for which Chie Yakura (suspected intelligence operative mentioned in the lawsuit) works (as a partner: 

It bears noting that Morrison & Foerster represented the CIA defendant Arthur Brown in the case Horn v. Huddle, which is an important precedent cited in the lawsuit, as seen from the following filings.

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