Monday, October 9, 2017

Who is Chie Yakura (矢倉千恵: maiden name Katashima (片嶋))?

This photo is circa 1999, at my apartment.

What is disturbing about the prospect that this woman, along with Ms. Ponazecki (or Ponazacki, whichever spelling is correct), who are attorneys at law--a profession is governed by a special law due to the nature of the relationship between clients and attorneys, etc.--are also working for intelligence agencies (i.e., the 公安庁 (Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency), one would assume there to be an inherent problem with respect to the law governing attorneys, as it would compromise the legal profession, and potentially enable such individuals to undermine the law. Civil society is underpinned by the rule of law... 

These are pages from of couple of filings with the Court in which she is mentioned, the first being a page from the cover letter I faxed to the DOJ in September of 2011, the second being from the initial Complaint. I don't intend to say anything more about her presently.

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