Friday, February 17, 2012

cretins at JapanToday won't provide information!

Here's an exchange of emails culminating with my follow-up to today's response from the JapanToday staff, which was only forthcoming after a follow-up telephone call. It was the advertising salesman who got back to me, for the first time. he's initially stated that he wasn't the person who handled these matters--which is reasonable--so why have they left it to him?

Sent:Mon 2/13/12 10:16 AM
Hello Peter,

Thanks for the information.

If possible, I'd like to know how many times the Terms of Service have changed in the past year, and have copies of each revision.

I would also like the Japanese equivalents.

Thank you,


From:Peter Lackner (
Sent:Fri 2/17/12 7:26 AM

Hello *****,

Thank you for your message and call earlier today.

The best that I can do is refer you to our current Terms of Service and Moderation Policy which can be found on our website. I hope that is sufficient.

Kind regards,


Sent:Fri 2/17/12 8:48 AM

Hello Peter,

That is not suffient.

Under Japanese law the Terms of Service should represent a contract and there should be a Japanese version.

Also, what is the basis for your refusal to provide the changes made over the past year?

Even according to the current version, you are supposed to provide notification.

There was not even any notification regarding the Kyodo News deletions.

Note that I have reported your company to the US Consoluate with respect to the deletion of the articles related to the recent mayoral election in Osaka, and will be consulting my attorney next week on this case, as I will be suing your company for breach of contract and violation of Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution.

If it so happens that JPlus Media is being managed and operated as a front company by the CIA or officers thereof, I will be pursuing a civil rights case with the Department of Justice of the United States as well.

Note that a copy of this email is being been cc'd to the Consulate in Osaka.

So, I'm going to ask you once more to provide the information, which I believe you are obliged to do.


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