Wednesday, February 15, 2012

gray media ops methodology 101

wikipedia has a page with an overview of this very topic!

Many of the strategies I’ve seen employed against me in the Starbucks are replicated on the microcosm of the website of JapanToday.

For starters, there are the members using sexual images as their member icons shown in the news forum discussions. This is a strategy related to effacing the line between public and private by distracting attention from the issues relating to collective concerns of society being aired in the public sphere to the private desire for sexual pleasure.

They often make cheerleading type comments, expressing how much a fan they are of some insipid would be pundit or another that apparently may be on the CIA's payroll. It’s such a wonderful network they’re building there on that site.

With such sex-pot babes with an exhibitionist streak beckoning to me from the discussion group, who cares about the news! 

There sure are a lot of pretty girls in the CIA!!! That’s the place for me! etc...

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but many persona in the discussion forum would seem to be modeled on some Jungian or otherwise psychologically derived archetype and aimed at evoking emotional associations to spur participation in a group mentality manner, with individuals lining up behind one such archetype or another in a grand ensemble ready to march on civil society. 

It is sort of easy to tell who is overly caricatured and putting out an ideological diatribe from those participating of their own free will with no paycheck from the CIA or MI6, etc.

Since they are all hiding their identities behind a so-called “avatar” icon-like representation of their fantasy feudalistic alter ego, I can talk about the CIA and not be subject to persecution—er, I mean prosecution—under the so-called 
Intelligence Identities Protection Act 
that I’ve mentioned before on this blog. 

The United States sure has a lot of taxpayer money at its disposal, to dispose of in the form of sociopathic waste products on the Internet in Japan, in the case at hand.

Once again this represents an attempt to subordinate reason to emotion in a group activity related to the public sphere.

I can hear my attorney salivating over the fact that these cretins have probably managed to violate m civil rights in two constitutional democracies at the same time, that is to say, in m country of residence and country of citizenship. They really are a talented bunch.

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