Monday, February 13, 2012

JapanToday and Japan Tomorrow!

Yesterday I phoned office of JapanToday and spoke with an advertising salesman named Peter Lacker.

I requested information on the number of times they had changed the User Terms of Service over the past year, and requested copies of the revisions  as well as the Japanese equivalents.

I have yet to hear anything back, which doesn't surprise me.

When they removed the entire article and all posts for a piece relating to the Osaka mayoral election shortly before the election, the editorial staff didn't respond to my inquiry as to why they had removed that article and all of the posts, which they did even before the 2-week half life they have assigned to the news on their site.

Not only are their Terms of Service not drafted in a manner such as to be in conformance with Japanese law, they don't even follow those!

High and mighty they are, but I have the wherewithal to lay them low in small claims court.

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