Saturday, July 28, 2012

ATTN: Mark Kappelhoff and Eric Holder

Let's recap a point or two with respect to the Department of Justice of the United States of America.

I submitted a complaint detailing illegal activities of officers of the government of the USA--CIA officers--violating the laws of the USA by basically carrying out espionage activities against an American citizen (thereby violating his civil rights and other rights) whose presence they found inconvenient to their unlawful covert mission. 

The offending officers are being removed one-at-a-time, as I expose them when another one surfaces anew to try and subvert my life here.

In the DOJ complaint, I demanded that a particularly flawed statute in the legal code--the Intelligence Identities Protection Act--which had been adapted in 1982 and was subsequently revised to require mandatory sentencing for offenders in recent years at the impetus of a former CIA officer serving in congress (who appears in one of Michael Moore's films and was subsequently head of the CIA under none other than GW Bush) be addressed as such (i.e., flawed), be redressed.  That was simply because its scope was unclear, and it was restraining me from posting information about the CIA officers that were harassing me. 

Here is a little about that law, its enforcement, or not, as the case may be.

Porter Goss, that's the guy made famous by Michael Moore. And to follow up his act pushing through the following amendment in the congress:

H.AMDT.87 (A002) 
Rep Sweeney, John E. [NY-22] (offered 5/13/1999)
Amendment increases the criminal penalty for individuals who expose covert agents and expands the Intelligence Identities Protection Act to protect the identities of former agents as well. As amended by the Goss amendment (A003) the mandatory sentencing requirements were strengthened.
An amendment numbered 10 and printed in the Congressional Record to protect the identities of present or retired covert agents and impose criminal penalties on those who willfully disclose these identities.

Mr. Goss, acting in his capacity as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee refused to open a congressional committee investigation into the Bush administration disclosure of CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA officer. And she and her husband would seem to have been gathering intelligence that negated the fabricated "threat construction" claims related to WMB that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq, but this is old news... 

It is should be pointed out, however, that Goss has also been exposed as a member of a Yale secret society, called "Book and Snake", which included Les Aspin (Secretary of Defense under Clinton for one year) in the same senior class. It seems that there are a series of revolving doors offering access to these secret society types in American government, and in Goss's case, it is easy to examine the ways in which he attempted to use the power of his office in the congress to subvert congressional oversight of the CIA while shielding the CIA from media exposure. And on the other hand, when appointed as head of the CIA he was tied to congressional representatives connected to the defense industry that lost their seats in weapons procurement scandals.

Apparently they continue to use it as a loophole through which to circumvent the both laws prohibiting the CIA from interfering with the lives of American citizens residing in countries outside the USA, and the laws to which "federal law enforcement officials" are subject. As we have seen in the response from the DOJ, the officers of the CIA are not technically regarded as "federal law enforcement officials. That is obvious, however, because they do not have "police powers" under the National Security Act. 

So why would the DOJ procrastinate in the face of a serious complaint detailing multiple incidents of misconduct by CIA officers instead of directing me to file the complaint with another agency, such as the Office of the Inspector General at the Central Intelligence Agency?

The response I received demonstrates a clear relationship of collusion and complicity on the part of the DOJ with the CIA.  Rather than investigating the CIA, the DOJ has put me off for about a year and then misrepresented my complaint or simply didn't even address the specifics.

At any rate, I'm going to do everything I can to expose this high-level coverup, which is exactly what it is an attempt to do.

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