Saturday, July 21, 2012

Response from USA Department of Justice, dated May 8, 2012

This response is kind of disturbing, in that it does not mention, let alone answer, any of the substantive claims against individual CIA officers that I have made, in detail.

It mentions the gray media front company claim, but somewhat distorts my statements in relation to that, and makes an outlandish remark of a claim I am supposed to have made about "propaganda" against my blog. It sounds rather childish and trifling, as if they are trying to belittle the complaints of substance I have made.

Aside from that, it is an outright fabrication, and its inclusion here is curious, to say the least. Note that it is only recently that I have started opening this blog up to a wider community. For the first couple of years I only informed a couple of people that I was writing it, outside of the people at the American consulate (i.e., the CIA) and the Department of Justice. 

Perhaps the people at the DOJ are insinuating that my complaint was incoherent.

One implicit point in the letter is interesting, however, in that its authors have indirectly asserted that CIA officers are not "federal law enforcement officials". That may be a loophole they are trying to exploit; however, I believe that there are express provisions in the legal statutes that prohibit CIA officers from interfering in the lives of American citizens living abroad. The do not have "police powers" over American citizens overseas, for example.

At any rate, they do mention the many pages of emails and statements that I faxed them, and I will have to start posting more of those on this blog while I take steps to initiate a civil action against the Department of Justice, first of all, as their assertion that CIA officers do not fall under the category of federal law enforcement officers, while ignoring the transgressions against me that should otherwise be prevented under the National Security Act (?) could pose a constitutional question, meaning a question for the Supreme Court to resolve. Maybe not, I'm not an attorney, but there is no question that a conspiratorial cover up involving the DOJ has been carried out. 

Here is the letter.

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