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Law suit against Kyoto mayor, and confluence of DoJ letter, Bray, and Dalsky

I have been waiting to discuss the lawsuit against the mayor because it is a somewhat involved matter and requires time to preset adequately. So, for the time being, I’ll just elaborate on the possibility of an indirect relationship between the mayor and the CIA, via their common tool of the burakumin groups associated with yakuza organized crime groups.

I have already discussed connections between CIA officers and Koreans and people of burakumin descent that are members (or affiliates) of yakuza crime groups. With respect to the burakumin in Kyoto, Dan Douglass and Preston Houser have been discussed in conjunction with the CIA staffed (and student populated?) “Global College”, in addition to Glenn Paquette and his student recruits from Kyoto University. Elsewhere, there is the connection between JapanToday and the former Osaka governor turned mayor, Toru Hashimoto, with respect to whom they were not only giving some favorable press, but deleting critical comments by the readership, largely composed of foreign residents.

The current mayor of Kyoto was the head of the department of education before being elected mayor, in a pattern that repeats that of his predecessor. He has been sued twice for actions while in the post of head of the board of education. The largest of the two suits Kadokawa has been ordered to repay 72 million yen for illicitly paying out public funds in the form of research grants that were used by favored personnel connected to the board of education for overseas trips and the like. In another case, he was one of the officials responsible for conducting invalid elections for officials that were undemocratic, etc., and illicitly paying to a burakumin support organization 800 million yen of public funds for travel of board of education board personnel to hot springs resorts, of which it seems he has been ordered to repay 1.17 million yen (from the somewhat vague Wikipedia description).

These pages are in Japanese, but eventually I will post details in English, once I have time to translate portions of a book that has been published in relation to this topic.
A somewhat more detailed account:

At any rate, he was also the head of the department of education at a time when illegal criteria for use in the selection process for determining entrance into nursery schools were implemented, while at the same time, a law suit similar to the one I have filed was being conducted in the city of Higashi Osaka, which the city lost resoundingly, and didn’t even bother to appeal.

This is in Japanese (日本語のサイト), but here is an analysis of that case:

The school in our neighborhood which I had to sue to get us into is attended by the children of several other foreign residents, with Dave Dalsky’s daughter attending once a week on a part time attendance program they have.

To cut to the chase, although I had moved into the apartment a year ago, I had never seen Dave and his daughter at the riverside until about 2 months ago. Our son started attending the nursery school in April, about 4 month ago.

The letter that finally arrived from the DoJ, after more than eight months had passed since initiated the complaint, arrived in the second week of May.

Although I didn’t make much of it until reflecting on the subsequent bizarre behavior of Dalsky, there is a phrase in the letter that makes it sound like my complaint was trifling and bordering on irrational. That phrase reads,
“You further state that the CIA and their agents have infringed your rights and used propaganda against your blog.”

First, the letter does mention that I sent a substantial number of pages of faxes (76 on one occasion), without mentioning that I subsequently doubled that amount in emails sent to an address for the Special Litigation Department of the Criminal Division of the DoJ that the paralegal named K. Callahan eventual provided me, the letter is dismissive and doesn’t address the main complaints, or mention any actions that have been taken against the perpetrators, such as Glenn Paquette, who had been “retired” from the university, for example. Bear in mind that not only was Glenn Paquette retired from Kyoto University, but from academia in general, as he had also been teaching at Brown University and University of N.C. Chapel Hill, and now he has a company in Minnesota called, Paquette Research & Language:

Sasha Peterka is also no longer connected to academia, apparently, and has deleted his facebook page, etc.

At any rate, I had been mulling this scenario over when Dalsky appears on the scene, thinking maybe this was a positive sign. However, he evinced the same type of subterfuge of hostility in the form of untoward comments of a subtle psychologically caustic nature, while not seeming to know that I had been causing certain CIA officers substantial problems, terminal problems, at least as far as their careers in academia were concerned. So, as I mentioned, after I broached the issue of intelligence officers and a case pending with the DoJ, he dropped out of site for a couple of weeks.

When he reappeared, as I have described in an earlier entry, he was acting somewhat disturbed, and claimed that he was suffering from bipolar disease, offering to share his medications—two or three different types—eventually asking that I return them because they were expensive at 500 yen apiece. He seems to have been seeking to gain my sympathy for his being ill, and for his not having any money because his wife was in charge of the funds and they were on a tight budget.

Next, the story of his apparent breakdown at the university, where he says he pulled a fire alarm because he feared that the Chinese students were spying on him. That story was told somewhere in the flow of conversation where I had mentioned intelligence operatives again, just to keep him aware of the fact that I was only listening to his performance for the sake of hearing him out, basically.

From there, however, he seemed to be implying that I might be delusional, like him (and didn’t I want to seek treatment or try some of his medication, etc.), after responding that the Chinese student weren’t really spying on him in response to my question as to why he thought that the Chinese students would want to spy on him.

That is the point that I want to focus on here in conjunction with the appearance of Eric Bray, and the context of the ensuing court date for the law suit that enabled me to gain admittance in the first place.

First, why would an unaccomplished English teacher like Eric Bray (BA in psychology from UC Santa Cruz) try to give me his loser sob story about his failed marriage and disappointing son to convince me in a psychologically manipulative way that I didn’t really want to send my children to the schools in the neighborhood, even though there has been a public television documentary made about them.

Second, after I receive a letter from the DoJ which basically attempts not only to deny the merit of my claims, but insinuates that I have made superfluous and perhaps irrational claims about the CIA “using propaganda against my blog”, an individual with a PhD in psychology appears and starts trying to manipulate me psychologically, eventually trying to convince me that the CIA is not spying on me, while he himself is almost certainly an officer in the CIA. 

Let me rephrase that: 
if, as I suspect, Dave Dalsky is a CIA officer, 
the scenario is accordingly one characterized by the fact that
a CIA officer was trying to convince me that I was delusional in asserting that the CIA had been harassing me, intruding and interfering with my life, spying on me in the form of hacking my computer, etc.

In short, that is a form of 
psychological warfare
of a very disturbing sort.

Moreover, it is a demonstration of the same type of hyper duplicitous disposition based on a subterfuge of hostility that spurred me to tell Glenn Paquette that I would kill him, twice. 

These people either have an extremely inflated opinion of themselves and their abilities, or they think that I am psychologically weak and susceptible to such ploys.

What is most disturbing, of course, is the apparent complicity of the DoJ in this ploy, in the form of the ludicrous response that they have supplied. I have already posted several pages of the documents that I have faxed to them, and will be posting more in the near future. 

The DoJ response amounts to an attempt to provide further cover to the CIA, not to redress illegal activity on the part of its officers.

Well, I will be reporting the actions of Mr. Dalsky to the Kyoto police, and requesting that they investigate, particularly with respect to his attempt to provide me with anti-psychotic medications. That in itself is probably a felony here, but if he is in fact suffering from bipolar disease, maybe that will be taken into consideration. 

And that leads to the conclusion that, if you can fake it, mental health issues might provide a modicum of cover for an intelligence operative. 

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