Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who is Sasha Peterka?

He is a (former?) CIA officer,first and foremost, if I'm correct in assuming that he has been permanently decommissioned after I reported his actions against me to the USA DoJ. Secondly, for what its worth, I believe that he is a member of the Freemasons. One of a couple of people in that category that I've written of here.

Sasha Peterka is someone that I happened to meet in philosophy classes and cafes at UC Berkeley.

Sasha Peterka was apparently deployed by the CIA on a mission attempting to have me leave Kyoto and return to Tokyo. It should be mentioned that he was engaged in this activity while pursuing graduate studies-a PhD in math-at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sasha appeared out of of nowhere one day when I was visiting the USA in Berkeley. We exchanged email addresses, and I eventually put him up when he visited Kyoto.

He visited a number of times, staying at hotels when my place became to crowded. He befriended the American expat crowd at the Starbucks, including Glenn Paquette. Maybe Sasha had his eye on a position at Kyoto University, too.

He eventually arranged a meeting between myself and some friends of his in Tokyo working for Goldman Sachs. A friend of his named John--formerly an architect who had worked in Hong Kong--was there working on buying up real estate investment properties.

Mr. Peterka apparently thought that the allure of an inflated paycheck at a corrupt company would entice me to move.

During the time while I was entertaining him as a guest in Kyoto I introduced him to my girlfriend at the time. She had a brother that was living in the UK at the time who was back for a visit. I introduced them and they exchanged contacts. He later recruited the girl (as a CIA 'agent')--after she had moved to Tokyo for work--to act against me in order to break up my relationship with my then fairly long-term girlfriend in Kyoto. 

She eventually decided to quit her job and move back to Kyoto, ostensibly to be with me, and got pregnant. Against my wishes, she decided to get an abortion--something that she had long held was against her religion. That was one of the more stressful times I've known.

At any rate, the multiple efforts in which Mr. Peterka played an active role in attempting to displace me from Kyoto failed, and here we are.


  1. I have met this Peterka in San Francisco during this time you speak of. He was with a Korean girl.

  2. Thanks for the info.
    Like most of these cretins, he's keeping a low profile. Since he is a mathematician and has connections to the finance sector, I would imagine he's doing something in finance. I was a bit surprised to see Glenn Paquette back in academia in the USA: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=1772188.