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CIA Dawn O’Day and other intelligence officer photojournalists, photographers, gallery operators, etc.

This somewhat short post has been sitting idle on my desktop for some time, and while I don't have time to finish it, I think that I can post this much as is for the time being.

Dawn O 'Day
John Ashburne
John Einarsen
Micah Gampel
(マイカ・ガンペル)    ゲームセンター狂のカナダ人。京都フレンズワールド大学で写真撮影について教えている。
Paul Crouse
(ポール・クロウス)    -アメリカ合衆国における元短編ニュースのカメラマン。

Dawn O’Day ( currently teaches English at the Kyoto Prefectural College of Medicine: 
(Update: 8/13/2015)) She recently hid her timeline, changed her photo, and added her workplace...
The second of the above files has been deleted, but are archived, as follws. I don't know how many of the other Westerners on the list are CIA officers, but maybe that was part of the concern...

She had been complaining to me about her work situation the last couple of times I spoke to her, asking me for legal advice regarding the actions of her boss and her contractual status. Meanwhile, she had been advising me against filing a lawsuit against the US government, for some reason. Of course, knowing that she was an officer in the CIA, I took this to mean that she was indicating that the CIA was going to meet my demands and come to an agreeable settlement. As it turned out, she was yet another deceptive individual dispatched to divert my energies and attention from the matter at hand of filing the lawsuit against the CIA, DOS, DOJ, etc. I had first complained about her to the American Consulate in Osaka over a year ago.[

The cover of “photographer” or photo journalist is a favorite of the CIA/MI6. The CIA currently appears to be repacking an individual named Mike Wessel for such reintroduction into the world (of fashion?) at large. Mike used to work for a chemical company in Kyoto selling floor cleaning products. He was kind of a nerd who had close cropped hair and also used to complain about his job incessantly, which I found somewhat unusual given his utter lack of skills, including language skills. He is now being presented as some sort of counter culture artiste, a connoisseur of “fashion and beauty”! This should be familiar as it parallels the scenario with Sean Lotman et al. What a pathetic bunch of nobodies.

The following individual has kept a blog, thankfully, detailing some of the exhibits including names of people I’ve known to be CIA(etc.) officers, but hadn’t seen mentioned in connection with phoitography.[

Frank Carter,
Paul Crouse
John Ashburne
same, plus John Einarsen and Dawn O’Day

Frank Carter and Paul Crouse number among the many CIA/MI6 et al that used to reside at the apartment building in which I resided for about ten years. Fortunately, that is now being demolished, and the network exposed in this b log dispersed, permanently.

“Peace” themes, incidentally, recur prominently in the covers used for CIA/MI6 officers deployed to Kyoto

Preston Houser publishes essays accompanied by photos by Einarsen of Kyoto Journal in book called “Everyone Comes to Kyoto” by Stonebridge Press. (Berkeley, CA,U.S.A.)

I came across some other random connections while searching the above.
Eric Luong ( is an individual I’ve had on the radar for some time as he runs a gallery/wedding business ( in the neighborhood and appears to have two separate Facebook pages, the other being under the name Eric Luong Kuad. It seems that he wants to conceal the fact that he runs the gallery/wedding business while holding down a day job as an associate professor at a design college. I first connected him to the network after noticing that Einarsen was exhibiting photos in an exhibition at the gallery. Luong hails from Toronto—perhaps originally from China—and I messaged one of his Facebook pages a link to the Canadian intelligence service, which he simply deleted, twice. Other Canadians in the intelligence network include Mark (Max) Dodds (, formerly of the now defunct bogus (i.e., “front”) local band called “Elements”, who now goes as “Mark” (, and Micah Gampel (yet another veteran of the “Friends World Global College).

All one has to do at this point is to check the friends list (those not hidden) of any of these people to confirm the overlap (e.g.,,,

It will be readily apparent from the foregoing that the CIA and MI6 have adopted a strategy of permitting—if not mandating—that there officers in Kyoto that I have exposed maintain Facebook accounts. There is no question that the above-named individuals are still operating covertly, however, so the nature of the strategy is open to speculation. Meanwhile, people like Dan Douglass, Aaron Campbell, and Micah Gampel, however, are hiding their lists presently:,,

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